Saturday, August 4, 2012

A Little Bit of Everything: Pizza, Movies, VBS, Face Paint, Lost Tooth, and Dirty Girl

Tonight is pizza and movie night.  We just finished devouring our half pepperoni and half sausage/mushroom pizza and are now lounging on the living couch while watching a series of Pixar short movies that we had waiting on the DVR.  Basically, the perfect night to end our crazy week.

We are all still trying to catch up on lost sleep due to Vacation Bible School this week.  Our church holds VBS in the evening and even though it ends at 8:00 pm, by the time we checked out, gathered all of our belongings, loaded into the car, maneuvered our way through traffic and road construction, we weren't even pulling into the driveway most evenings until about 9:00 pm. 

Call us sticklers, but Ben and I have always enforced the kids' 8:00 pm bedtime.  And, by 8:00 pm most nights the kids are ALL in bed, with the lights off, and doors closed.  Although our reasoning for such an early bedtime is mainly for the kids' health and well-being (besides that, they all seem to be awake with the chickens by 6:00-6:30 most mornings), we have come to relish the quiet hours of 8-10 pm as our own. 

So, not only this week were the kids' a little extra crabby due to a bed time closer to 9:30 and their complete inability to grasp the luxury of sleeping-in, but Ben and I realized we really kinda missed out on our time! 

Despite the late nights, the kids LOVED Vacation Bible School.  The songs, the stories, the games, the projects...they loved them all!  In fact, we are all still singing the new songs we learned. 

Before VBS on Wednesday evening, we made a quick stop at one of Ben's road construction projects for the ribbon-cutting ceremony (basically, celebrating the reopening of the road) where we ate free pizza, ice cream, and cookies.  The kids also got their faces/arms painted:

And we made sure to take a picture next to the digger before hurrying off to VBS:

The kids also spent the night at Grandma and Grandpa's on Wednesday after VBS.  With two kids less, Olivia and I spent Thursday grocery shopping and catching up on cleaning.  I cannot believe how much quicker I can accomplish so many tasks with only one kid in tow!

After returning home, Zach inquired as to when he would be able to switch moms.  What?!  He relayed to me that he thinks he'd like to have Grandma for his mom for while and that should work out pretty well because she's a mom too!  When I told him that I would miss him too much, he reassured me that I could visit him whenever I wanted.  That boy seriously cracks me up. 

Friday's excitement centered around the loss of Allie's 7th tooth!  I'm beginning to wonder how she is going to chew food with such a ginormous hole in her mouth. 

Unfortunately, the Tooth Fairy completely forgot to make a visit to Allie's room last night.  Thankfully, she was pretty understanding, but insists that there is NO WAY the Tooth Fairy would forget two nights in a row.  She added that she was expecting at least one paper bill in exchange for her tooth...whether it was a one bill, a five bill, or a twenty bill...any one of those would work just fine. 

I spent this morning alongside one of Ben's coworkers scaling walls, crawling through mud puddles, climbing cargo nets, and tromping through a 5K mud course as a participant in the Dirty Girl Mud Run.  It was definitely a first for both of us. 

Ben and the kids met us at the finish line where Olivia refused to come near me!  She ran in the opposite direction crying when I attempted to give her a hug.  After I saw what we looked like, I couldn't blame her!

I'm certain I have never EVER been that dirty in my entire life.  When we arrived, I just kept on looking at all the women who had finished the course and wondering what in the world they had done to get so filthy dirty...then, when we got to the first mud pit and I realized I had to army crawl on my stomach underneath a series of ropes through the muck, it quickly made sense. 

We had a lot of fun and I know I wouldn't have physically been able to do such a course a mere three years ago.  Thankfully, we incurred zero injuries despite my fear of falling from the top of the cargo net and a few close calls as we slipped down the muddy paths. 

Would I do it again?  Well, the jury is still out on that one!  I think, for right now, I'm quite happy with my bum on the couch watching animated shorts with the fam.  However, I'm sure it won't be long before I come up with another crazy idea....

And, now excuse me....

The middle child just tossed his cookies all over the living room floor.  Something tells me we are in for a long night.....

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