Sunday, August 26, 2012

A Little Summer Slackin'

I'm usually pretty on top of things around our house.  I keep up with meal planning and grocery shopping.  I manage housework and laundry.  I keep the kids on a pretty regular schedule which includes getting dressed, cleaning up toys, making beds, reading time, "homework" time, and quiet times.....  I'm quite type A, to the core.  And it can very much drive my family members crazy. 

But, the past two weeks? 


Slacker has been my middle FIRST name!

No clean clothes?  Meh....we'll just have a pj day.  Then we can play dress up later on and completely trash the entire first level of the house with princess garb.

What?  It's 5:00 pm already and Daddy is pulling in the driveway and I have given absolutely no thought whatsoever to what we will be eating for dinner? 

Hot dogs (again) it is!  But, to occasionally make it super fun, we cook them over a backyard campfire and finish off our fine meal with smores (last time, instead of graham crackers, we used Chips 'Ahoy with Reeses...YUMMO!).

It looks like a rainy Saturday....maybe we should stay home and catch up on trying to organize all of our stray papers in the office? 


Let's go to Mall of America instead!
While I was on a mission to snag some cool jeans (because I threw out my "mom" jeans and then realized I  was basically left with one pair of jeans, sweatpants, and a vast array of pj pants), the kids and Ben happened upon a free kids health fair.  Score!

Allie was the only one of the kids that wanted to greet Blue. 

We've watched far more Disney Junior than I care to admit.  We've lounged in our jammies and eaten breakfast for lunch.  We've built with Legos and colored to our hearts' content.  We've baked blueberry bars.  We've met Grandma for lunch.  And, we've basically done nothing classified as "work."  (Well, except for when my Type-A tendancies took over this past Friday, I flipped out about how messy things had become and exactly how many hot dog dinners we've eaten over the past few weeks, and in a panic, put together a meal plan and cleaned the whole house.)

In my defense, we've all had a nasty cold and I think we had a couple bouts of throw-up...and Ben has been super busy with work, resulting in a few out of town trips this month.

But, mostly, after getting together our Fall calendar and realizing just how busy things are about to become, I think I just needed a couple weeks to play hooky. 

One more week...then it is back to our new reality with school, preschool, AWANA, ECFE, and Bible Study.   I think we are all ready for the more regular schedule that Fall brings, it is just always a little bittersweet to see summer slackin' end. 

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MWilcox said...

This sounds all too familiar:) But I have to keep reminding myself that the kids probably love the "relaxed" version of life more than I can imagine. What a great way to end summer!