Sunday, August 26, 2012

Company Picnic at Como Park

Last weekend Ben's company held their annual family picnic at Como Park in St. Paul.  In addition to lunch, the kids also enjoyed free ride wristbands, face painting, crazy hair, temporary tattoos, carnival-style games, and a frisbee painting craft.

We arrived at Como extra early to secure a parking spot and then spent the majority of the morning enjoying the park grounds and zoo. 

Prior to lunch, the kids were super excited to get their faces painted and hair crazied-up:

Ben, not ever being one to turn down a dare, also sported some crazy hair of his own. 
A little background:  A couple years ago Ben placed a bet with one of his Vikings fan coworkers that resulted in his coworker dying his hair green when the Packers advanced to the Super Bowl.  When this particular coworker noticed Ben taking up the dare, he made certain that Ben's hair was a retaliatory Vikings purple.  Ben spent the remainder of the day trying to explain to onlookers why in the world he was wearing a Wisconsin Badgers shirt while sportin' Vikings fan hair! 
After lunch and all the kids' festivities, we made our way over to the midway where the kids enjoyed the rides.

While Zach and Allie would have gladly stayed all afternoon riding rides, our trip to Como Town was cut short after Olivia tossed her cookies.  Let's just say, red slushy is not as much fun coming up as it is going down....
Thankfully, she was able to get a little nap on the way home...two out of three down isn't too bad:
Fortunately, after just a few washings, all color was successfully removed from everyone's hair.  Granted, I did have to scrub the bathtub that evening. 
All in all, it was a fun day and Ben's company did a fantastic job of organizing the days' events to cater to kids and families.  We are incredibly thankful for such a great company that Ben is privileged to work for!

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Soccerbelle said...

You look amazing in these pictures. I'm always in awe of your great parenting. How lucky those three beautiful children are to you and Ben.