Sunday, August 26, 2012

First Haircut

About two weeks ago (yes, I have A LOT of catching up to do!), Olivia excitedly anticipated her very first professional haircut:

The kids and I were spending the day with my mom (as Ben was out of town on business) and after running a few errands, we decided to stop by the just-for-kids haircut place so that Allie and Zach could get their back-to-school haircuts.  Zach's last haircut was in May (or early June, at the latest) and Allie...well, I don't remember when the last time she had a trim! 

Although I've been trimming the ends of Olivia's hair myself to help ward off the baby-mullet, I thought I could use a little professional help to even things up a little more.  Plus, when Olivia saw Allie and Zach hopping up in those big, red, spinning chairs, she was about to get pretty upset if she wasn't going to receive a turn too! 

Olivia was practically motionless the entire time her hair was being cut.  Granted, she had her very own personal television to view Rapunzel, so I'm sure that helped.  After the trim, she even allowed the stylists to blow-dry and fix her hair.  Here's the end product:

Allie and Zach's hair turned out pretty spiffy too....

Tomorrow marks the beginning of our very last full week of summer!  Since I managed to get most of our back-to-school tasks completed, we get to enjoy our last 5 days of summer vacation goofing off....with our brand new fancy, schmancy hairstyles, of course. 

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