Tuesday, August 28, 2012


Having a life-long friend is something of a treasure:  The joy and laughter, the ease by which your relationship flows, the memories you share over your lifetime of experiences together.  And although you both grow and change, maturing along the way, it is truly special to have a relationship with someone other than your family that has known you and loved you forever.  I'm so thankful that Allie, already in her almost seven years, has a friend just like this.

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Rachel and Allie, it seems you have grown from tiny babes to little girls in the blink of an eye.  Know that it has been a joy for your moms to watch your friendship grow right along with you.  From the moment we laid eyes on the two of you together, we knew you'd be a dynamic duo...the room is always filled with giggles and squeels when you two are together.  Thankfully, your years of playing dress-up and dancing together like princess ballerinas aren't over yet.  And bitersweet as it may be, when those days sadly do come to an end, we know you'll find plenty of new adventures together!  

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MWilcox said...

This is so sweet Jennifer! Hard to believe they're almost 7! It's amazing how much they've changed and yet still have their sweet friendship. What a blessing:)