Sunday, August 12, 2012

This Week...In Pictures

Blog writing just hasn't been on the top of of my to-do list lately.  Between end of the summer activities and getting ready for the beginning of the school year, all I've really had time to do is snap a few photos on my phone.  So, for this past week's update, I provide my phone's photo reel along with captions....

Swim Lessons:  M-Th, 9:00 am - 10:15 am
Zach is a "Torpedo"
Allie is in the grade school "Level 3"

Zach's Favorite Part of Swim Lessons:  "I like everything best...I like being in the water!"
Allie's Favorite Part of Swim Lessons:  "Going off the diving board all by myself with no one to catch me.  Playing games."

Olivia's Favorite Part of Swim Lessons:  Eating Snacks

In fact, as soon as the kids jump in the water, she requests her snack. 
And then she points to the pool and screams, "MY TURN!!!"

Impulse Skippy-Jon purchase while at Kohl's shopping for back to school clothes.  We found no clothes, but we did find Princess and Minnie Mouse Socks.  And, call me a sucker, but I couldn't leave Olivia's newest and most favorite book character there...not after she quoted part of the book to me:
"My ears are too big for my head...My head is too big for my body...I'm not a Siamese cat...I'm a chihuahua!"
(Ok, so it wasn't that perfectly quoted, but I could definitely tell what she was trying to say to me...that is how many times I have read Skippy Jon in the past month)

Thrilled with the impromptu carousel ride after a picnic lunch at the outlet mall while back-to-school clothes shopping. 

The boy who hates shopping actually remained well-behaved for the entire four hour period while shopping for clothing.  Of course, the fact that most of the children's clothing stores there are equipped with toy tables and televisions playing kids' videos helped immensely.  However, such amazing behavior definitely called for TCBY Strawberry soft-serve topped with sprinkles and a caramel apple cookie.   

Since I came unprepared with only one quarter in my coin purse, I did not initially have enough money for the carousel ride.  Thanks to Allie's keen eyesight, she spotted an additional quarter on the ground underneath the soda machine, making the carousel ride possible.  Fifty Cents for 30 seconds of pure joy:  rip off priceless.

'Tis the season for school supply purchasing.  In addition to gathering all necessary supplies, I also ambitiously labeled them with Allie's name. 

Then, I spent the better part of the afternoon sharpening 60 pencils. 

Cooler, less humid Friday afternoon = perfect time for a bike ride. 

On our way to the park

Olivia is ready to catch me as I come down the slide!

For some reason I cannot get this picture to post horizontally.  But, I still had to include it because it marks the first time I have ever received a thank-you card for cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, and mopping. 
"From Allie.  To Mom.  You are the best mom.  Thak you for clening the hous."

The girls playing outside with chalk. 

The kids made a choo-choo train out of the patio chairs.  I'm not sure why Zach needs a croquet stick to be the conductor.

Lots of fun on the choo-choo (obviously this was before I confiscated the wooden croquet stick) while waiting for Daddy to get home from work so we could go out for pizza!

Finally cool enough for a back yard camp fire!

Sugaring up with raw marshmallows before roasting them to make smores.

In fact, I'm not sure why we even bother with the fire and smores because all they really want to do is eat the entire bag of raw marshmallows. 

Smores ready and gone!

Obviously, I needed some caffeine or more of those marshmallows. 

Grandma and Grandpa took the kids to Fort Snelling on Saturday.  While they were enjoying a "boisterous" picnic lunch, Ben and I were enjoying a peaceful lunch over quiet conversation at CRAVE in Golden Valley. 

The kids and my parents had a great time exploring the historic grounds.  I was told they even saw a real, live cannon (or "canyon" as Zach calls it) fire and saw real live soldiers!  They spent the rest of the day and overnight with Grandma and Grandpa because...

Ben and I attended the most beautiful wedding of one of my friends from college.  Seriously, everything about it was perfect:  from the weather to the location to the flowers to the music...the perfect white trellis and the fairy tale bridge...the perfectly girly classic car that the beaming (yes, she was seriously GLOWING with joy) bride stepped out of to be escorted down the aisle by her Dad to her waiting groom...and the lemonade bar with all kinds of specialty syrups...and the root beer keg...and smores over a bonfire under twinkly white lights...everything, down to the smallest detail was amazing.  Congratulations, Ed and Andrea!  I know your beautiful, perfect wedding day is just the beginning of so many more wonderful days to come! 

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