Thursday, September 13, 2012

Busy, Busy Week

We've had a busy week with all of our school year activities in full swing, with the only exception being ECFE that will begin for Olivia next Friday. 

Monday, Allie suited up for her first dance class of the year where she made the discovery that one of her best friends from her preschool days was also registered in her class. 

Wednesday morning I attended my first BSF (Bible Study Fellowship) class and was hoping to secure a spot for myself in one of the groups along with Olivia in their children's ministry.  I wasn't feeling so great about my chances after seeing so many new women, but decided not to worry about it, choosing to believe that if God wanted me to participate, then there would be a group for me.  And today I received a call that there indeed is enough room-yay!

Today was spent catching up around the house and tomorrow I definitely need to restock our barren fridge before the weekend. 

Somehow, I've accumulated TONS of pictures of sweet Olivia (probably because she is constantly asking me to take her picture) and I thought I would randomly include those here:

I can't believe how much she is talking now...I mean, we seriously have full conversations...and although she is still my baby, she definitely likes being referred to as a big girl.  My favorite thing?  When she says, "Where momma go?" or "Das is mines.'  or "Momma, I wuv you dis much!" (spreading her arms out wide to give me a hug). 

She LOVES to color, especially with markers, and she can almost always be seen running around the house with a book or a baby doll in tow. 

She is no longer in the nursery at church and we were told she did great in the 2-year old Sunday School class last week. 

Her days in her crib are numbered, a toddler bed waiting downstairs, and soon the jungle animals that have adorned the bedroom walls for the past seven years, looking down upon all three of my sleeping (and sometimes not sleeping) babes each night will be taken down in favor of a big-girl theme:  Minnie Mouse pink polka dots. 

Sometimes I feel a little sad...knowing that our baby days are behind us...but then I realize the sadness I feel is over the end of all those baby snuggles and first smiles and baby laughs...not so much over the poopy blow out, vomit wearing, sleep deprived days I somehow managed to survive. 

Plus, somehow, even as they grow up....they manage to stay pretty darn cute....

And, they get a lot more throw-inside-an-inflatable-bounce-house-and-watch-them-fall-all-over-themselves-fun:

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