Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Look Mom, No Training Wheels!"

One of Allie's goals this summer was to be able to ride her bike without the training wheels.  Unfortunately, most of the time spent working toward this goal left her in tears and discouraged, begging for Ben to put the training wheels back on so that she could have fun riding her bike again. 

However, this weekend Allie had a renewed determination to get up on those two more foolin' around...she seriously meant business.

After a few pep talks from Dad...

....she was ready to roll!

She was a little wobbly at first, but ended up cruisin' around the driveway without help in no time!

It just goes to show, Allie-Babe, that when you put your mind to something, I'm pretty sure you can accomplish just about anything!

Granted, you have a pretty awesome teacher to guide you along the way....

In celebration of Allie's two-wheel success we all went out for ice cream.  She is pretty proud of her accomplishment and has spent more time on her bike this past weekend than most of the summer!  She can't wait to tell her teacher and friends tomorrow at school.  Congrats, Allie!

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