Monday, September 3, 2012

School Begins...Firsts and Lasts of the Week

Tomorrow morning I will wake up and drive a FIRST GRADER to school.  Yes, it is true.  Somehow over the summer my kindergartner turned into a grader...and right now she is so excited about school tomorrow that I will be shocked if she even sleeps a wink tonight. 

This past Wednesday we had her first grade orientation and since then she has apparently gotten over the disappointment of discovering there are no toys in her classroom and is instead focusing on the fact that she will have her very own desk situated next to one of her good friends from kindergarten, will get to eat lunch and a snack at school, and (the part that excites her the most) will get to partake in recess on the playground outside.

This past week (our last official week of summer), despite making sure Allie was all set for school to begin, we had quite a few firsts and lasts. 

We enjoyed our first picnic at the park adjacent to the pool before swimming for the very last time this year.

Then, as we were preparing to leave the pool, those around us had the privilege of witnessing, for the first time, Olivia throwing a public temper tantrum complete with kicking, screaming, flailing, snot-flying, choking, coughing, back arching, name it, I'm sure it occurred.  She did not want to leave...and although I sometimes feel the same way regarding the end of summer, I prefer not to take it out on those closest to me.  But, then again, I've had thirty more years to learn to deal with my emotions. 

I also took the kids to visit our local Humane Society for the first time this past week.  I was looking for something fun and quick to do and thought the kids would enjoy seeing all the animals (plus, it's FREE!).  Olivia loved the kittens the most and absolutely had to touch every single one.  Allie was completely enamored by the dogs and made sure to call each one by his or her name.  She also picked out a little spaniel mix that she is convinced we are going to adopt.  Zach, although quiet and observant, said he liked the dogs best too; however, he had no desire to touch any of them. 

For the first time ever, Ben and I successfully carried a 500 lb file cabinet (or so it seemed to weigh that much) down three flights of steps and loaded it onto his truck, drove it home, and successfully navigated it off the truck, through our back door, and down one more flight of steps into our office.  We've been perusing Craigslist over the past few weeks in hopes of finding an affordable file cabinet because our office space here at home was in desperate need of a makeover.  After getting the file cabinet home, we proceeded to rip apart our office, going through old papers and books, purging most things, and organizing the rest.  The project took a lot longer than anticipated, but it is DONE! 

Although I hate to admit it, this Sunday I think we may have enjoyed eating outside at our favorite local Mexican restaurant for the last time this summer.  There is just something so perfect about indulging in endless baskets of chips and queso under a Corona umbrella shading you from the heat of the  noon-day summer sun  next to a busy intersection with cars and motorcycles rumbling by. 

Olivia said "I WUV YOU" for the first time this past week.  Granted, it was directed toward Ben, but it was completely uncoaxed and I'm pretty sure both of our hearts just melted.  Since then it has become one of her favorite phrases and all of us have been the lucky recipients of her words along with a hug. 

I mowed the lawn for the last time this summer.  Oh yes, I'm fully aware that the lawn is not done growing, but I'm officially done for the year.  No, Ben does not know about this formal declaration...yet. 

Allie and Zach ate the last two popsicles this week.  It was indeed a sad, sad day.  But, I figure they'll get over it this Fall when they have their first taste of hot chocolate of the season and remember that a mug of hot chocolate overflowing with mini marshmallows tastes way better than a popsicle ever could.  (Did I just inadvertantly write a sentence in anticipation of winter?!) 

That's all I can come up with for now.  I better get to bed early because I have a feeling that a certain first grader will be up with the chickens tomorrow morning!

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