Monday, September 3, 2012

Trip to the MN Zoo

Last Friday we took the kids on one last summer day trip to the MN Zoo.  We chose to go on a Friday, hoping to beat some of the weekend crowds, but it seemed like everyone had the same idea as us.  Regardless of all the people, we still had a great day looking at the animals and viewing the....

The kids were definitely most excited about the dinosaur exhibit.  We have been planning to visit the zoo to see the dinosaurs all summer (before the exhibit closes in September) and the kids have been anticipating the experience since June. 
Before we made our way to the dinosaurs, we made a stop by the kids' playground before it got too hot outside and overrun by kids.

The dinosaurs definitely did not disappoint.  Although some of the smaller kids were afraid of the life-like, roaring, moving creatures, our kids were completely enthralled.  While Allie and Olivia talked non-stop, pointing out each dinosaur, Zach merely walked next to Ben and I in silence, observing each dinosaur quietly.  I was a little worried that he wasn't enjoying the experience, but my concerns were put to rest when he requested a second trip through the exhibit, to which we obliged. 

Apparently, the only other animals I managed to take a picture of with the kids were the cows.

We did, however, have to make a stop for photos at every single fake animal and face hole cut out board:

After a picnic lunch where we almost got attacked by bees ( one got fact, the only bee sting that occured this year was last Thursday evening in the file-folder aisle of Office Max where Zach managed to have a bee sting the bottom of his foot.  Needless to say, he's now a little apprehensive about wearing flip flops to office supply stores.), we headed over to the zoo's splash pad where the kids enjoyed getting wet. 


Then, it was high time for some ICE CREAM!

We spent the rest of the day looking at more animals....
...and ended our time with a stop at the butterfly garden.

We were pretty tired after a full day at the zoo, so we decided on a nice relaxing dinner at PF Chang's on the way home where Zach managed to flip his lemonade straw half-way across the restaurant with his chop sticks. 
Thankfully, it was early bed times for all...including Ben and me! 

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