Thursday, September 13, 2012

Zach's First Day

This past Monday Zach embarked on his very last, first day of preschool as a proud member of the Blue Class.  He couldn't wait to put on his back-to-school, blinking car shoes (complete with flames on the sides and fronts) and insisted upon sporting his beloved "Packer-Warmer" (see that green fuzzy thing on his right wrist?  Yep, that is the Packer Warmer he has worn every. single. day. since this past February!).

He was a little apprehensive about beginning a new preschool year at first, mostly due to the fact that Allie convinced him that raw broccoli is served daily for lunch and MUST be eaten, but after the preschool's open house and spending some time in his classroom, he had a change of heart. 

He has been looking forward to having Miss Billi and Miss Tammy as teachers ever since Allie was in Blue Class two years ago.  Plus, he is extremely excited to have a fellow Packer-fan teacher.  In fact, upon entering his classroom, he looked right up at Miss Billi and proclaimed, "Hi...I'm Zach and I like the PACKERS!"

Zach was also thrilled to finally be old enough to eat lunch at school with his Cars 2 lunch box that matches his Cars 2 backpack.  Although still a little wary, he did pick a couple days to participate in hot lunch, but told me if anyone makes him eat the raw broccoli, he's never having hot lunch again!

He was a little sad that he wasn't being dropped off at preschool first, but I assured him we would have plenty of time to get him to class after dropping Allie off at her school.  Sure enough, we arrived in more than enough time for him to hang up his backpack and even pose for a quick picture by his classroom door.

Upon picking him up, he was definitely tired, but said he had a good time.  His favorite things were playing outside (especially riding the bikes) and eating lunch.  However, when I peaked in his lunchbox and realized half his lunch was still inside, I asked him what he even ate to which he responded, "I saved some of my lunch for a snack on the way home!"  So, on the way home, he ate the rest of his lunch, sharing his grapes and pretzels with Olivia.

Although I know I'll miss him on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, I think preschool will be very good for Zach.  He's already been talking about some of his friends from last year that are in his class and anticipating the upcoming field trip to the farm. 

Plus, when I informed him that Olivia and I were going to be grocery shopping tomorrow morning while he is at preschool he enthusiastically replied, "YES!  I love preschool because that means I don't have to go to any stores with Mommy!"  Kind of reminds me of another male family member that lives under the same roof and also adamantly refuses to consume raw broccoli. 

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