Sunday, October 21, 2012

Allie and Zach's "New-ish" Rooms

This past week has felt sort of like one long, drawn out episode on HGTV where Ben and I happen to be the stars.  There have been many visits to Home Depot and Lowe's.  Paint brushes and rollers have littered our halls.  We've tripped over ladders and displaced furniture more times than I care to admit.  We've made Goodwill trips and late night Papa Murphy's runs.  But, now that we are at the end of the ordeal, I can honestly say it was definitely worth it. 

First of all, I have to admit that we didn't do any major remodeling.  No walls came carpet came up.  We just sort of gave the kids' rooms a face lift, which always somehow ends up being more work than anticipated. 

Anyway, it all started last weekend with an impulse new bed sheet purchase at Target for the big kids:  Cars 2 and Rapunzel.  Since up-chuck season is right around the corner, I thought it would be good to have a back-up set of sheets for those middle-of-the-night linen changes...yippee.   

I also found these cool sticker wall decals in Cars 2 and Rapunzel themes that I thought would be a fun and rather cheap way to spruce up their rooms. 

When I arrived home with my impulse Target purchases, I realized this would also be an opportune time to change around all their furniture in hopes of creating more open space for play....which resulted in the need to re-hang all their pictures in different locations...which meant spackling old nail holes...which resulted in the need for touch up paint.  Ben, who was outside at the time supervising the kids in the yard, was SUPER thrilled when he came in to find me in the middle of moving Zach's bed. 

Fortunately, we were able to completely finish the big kids' rooms last weekend.  Here is what we came up with (sorry, no before pictures...mostly because I wasn't anticipating such a change to begin with!). 

Zach's Room:

The biggest surprise for Zach was the addition of a Lego table. Previously, Lego creations hung out on boards on the floor, which was fine, but I think he can play and create much easier now that he has a functional table.

The thing we like best about Zach's room now is that by positioning the dresser closer to the closet, all of his clothes are together....which also opened up a space for us to put all of his toys together as well. Before, it seemed things were scattered all throughout the room...clothes were mingling with toys and it was a basic recipe for organizational disaster.

I also set up a reading space for him underneath his window.  Since he can't seem to figure out how to place books on a shelf, we opted instead for a book bin.  So far, we've had no issues putting books away! 

Allie's Room

Allie's room is fact, it is even larger than our master bedroom.  We've debated taking it over for ourselves, but have opted against it due to it's teeny-tiny closet and basement location. 

By moving the bed over against the far wall, Allie now has a huge open space to dance, play with Legos, create "projects," and play with princesses.  Honestly, I can't believe it has taken us so long to do this for her!
Since Allie's quickly outgrowing her desk, I'm still on the lookout for a larger version.  I haven't found just the right thing yet, so for now, her small desk will have to do. 
Her previous reading nook is now her American Girl Doll nook.  This works out so much better...mostly because she never used her reading nook before since she prefers to read on her bed. 
Also, we were able to position a small corner shelf by her dresser to function as a nightstand.  She loves having her alarm clock and lamp right next to her in addition to a couple extra shelves where she can place Kleenex and library books she is currently reading. 

The kids are both loving their new-ish rooms and I'm loving the fact, that even just for a little while, they've been picking up toys and helping to keep their spaces organized....ehhh...we'll see how long that lasts! 

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