Sunday, October 28, 2012

Allie's Halloween Parade

We've had lots of fun this weekend participating in all kinds of fun Halloween events!

It all started on Friday afternoon at Allie's school with the kids' annual Halloween Parade.  Allie has been excited about marching in the parade in full costume for weeks.  She told us there was even going to be a marching band.  I thought a marching band at an elementary school costume parade seemed a little over the top, so I told her not to be too disappointed if there wasn't a marching band.  Imagine my thoughts as I walked up to the school on Friday afternoon to see the local high school marching band warming up!  After the parade, Allie did not hesitate to remind me that she was indeed correct and yelled, "I told you so, MOM!" 

Ben, Zach, Olivia and I watched as the kids paraded along the street outside their school escorted by official police cars (sirens blaring) and the high school marching band.  I think all the kids felt pretty awesome to have their very own parade...even though our very own Rapunzel acted a tad embarrassed as we jumped up and down waving our arms at her when we spotted her long golden locks making their way down the street. 

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