Monday, October 1, 2012

Fall Update

I think we are finally used to this new school year groove.  Granted, it has been no easy task to keep everyone's schedules afloat, but as I turned the calendar from September to October, I realized that having one busy month already in the history books makes all the tasks written on the thirty one squares this month seem a little less daunting.  Plus, October is the beginning of birthday season for our family...and everyone knows that the promise of birthday cake TWICE in one month in addition to trick-or-treat candy (yes!) is a definite pick-me-up. 

Although I still find I'm struggling with the sheer busy-ness of life, especially now with a full-time grader (seriously, I was not prepared for how much stuff gets added to the calendar with a school-aged kid!), I rest in knowing that God has our family right where he wants us.  I am confident that God has led us to make the right decisions for our family at this time in our lives, even when the frustration over circumstances I cannot control threatens to leave me feeling otherwise.

Traffic, sick kids, forgotten library books, busy schedules, sick parents, forgotten jackets, road construction, running out of milk, late arrivals, too little sleep....all those seemingly little things that I have no control over leave me feeling completely powerless and at the end of my rope.  Which, in all honesty, is I think, exactly God's point.

I know in the whole grand scheme of things a forgotten jacket or running late is truly a first world problem.  In comparison to the rest of the world, my daily struggles seem minuscule.  Yet, I find I still struggle...with patience toward a defiant child or holding my tongue when a glass of milk is spilled when we are already running late.  I've never been more thankful that God's power has no limits...that it isn't somehow all used up to solve those bigger world problems, leaving none left over for me and my irritation at the boogers I've had to wipe off the leather couch for the third time today. 

I know that God has promised his grace is sufficient...that His power is made perfect in weakness (2 Corinthians 12:9).  I can think of no other job I've held more revealing of my weaknesses than that of being a mom...and this past month, there's been weakness to spread around.  However, "God's word is truthful" (John 3:33--Go AWANA Cubbies verse!), and I've rested in knowing that what He says, He will accomplish.  I know as I continue to give my days to Him, he will continue to work in my life to bring His power to my weaknesses and his order to these uncontrollable situations.

Speaking of AWANA....we are now proud parents of an official Cubbie and Spark!

And, although one little girl is officially bummed that she isn't old enough to participate in Cubbies, she is absolutely thrilled to be in the "Big Girl Class" at church with all the other two year olds.  And, she is super proud that she now has her very own Bible class at BSF and her very own school class at ECFE.  Some big steps for this little, excited gal!

First Day of ECFE Pictures

She was thrilled to pose for first-day-of-school pics just like Allie and Zach.

And this is what we get when we ask her to smile and say "cheese!"

Silly girl!

Hopefully now that our "new groove" has become our "usual groove," I'll figure out how to adequately update here on the blog.   Right now, though, Ben and I have a date with the couch and a backed-up DVR.  Definitely some much needed veg-time!  That is, after I check our seats for booger smear....

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