Sunday, October 21, 2012

Olivia's Big Girl Room

Phase 2 of Operation Kids' Bedroom Face Lift 2012 began when my parents came to take the kids to stay with them for a few nights this past week.  With the kids at Grandma and Grandpa's for a few days, we were free to begin the transformation of what has been our home's baby nursery to Olivia's very own big girl room. 

With the baby days of our family behind us, we gladly sad goodbye to the crib, safari animals, and baby blue walls.

I thought I might feel a bit sad about ripping down the safari animal wallpaper that I had painstakingly chosen when I was pregnant with Allie and tearing down the crib that all three of our babies have slept in, but in all honestly, I've been staring at this room for almost 8 years and I was absolutely ready for a change! 

Plus, we just knew that Olivia was more than ready for a room and a bed of her very own.  Although she has not climbed out of her crib, we do have to regularly remove arms and legs from crib slats when we go in to check on her each night.  Plus, she is definitely showing signs of potty-training readiness and I wanted to make sure she was used to a bed before we tackled the toilet. 

When we asked her what color she wanted us to paint her new room, she responded emphatically, "GREEN!"  Since I'm not a huge fan of green, I was able to convince her of the necessity of purple as well.  We also incorporated her very favorite character into her new room:  Minnie Mouse. 

In preparation for her new decor, I mod-podged over her name letters that previously hung in her nursery:

I also repurposed some old safari animal nursery frames with a little black spray paint, mod-podged scrapbook paper, and Minnie Mouse images printed on transparency paper:

I sometimes get a little bit nervous of bright paint colors, but I'm actually really thrilled with the overall results!

One of my favorite parts of her new bedroom is the closet.  Her closet is a very small and the organizer we originally installed was not functional and wasted a lot of space.  So, we repurposed the tower part of the organizer to create cubbies on top of some additional closet drawers we purchased.  The other side of her closet has two rods for hanging clothes.  Ben also installed one long shelf at the very top that spans the entire length of the closet.  Since we decided to get rid of one of the dressers in her room, I'm thankful for the extra storage space the closet now provides!

I also like that we were able to incorporate some special baby gifts Olivia received into her big girl room decor.

The ballerina tea set was a gift from her Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Chris while the green glass set was a gift from her Great Grandma (a set that my grandma and my mom actually played with as little girls!). 

Ben and I were really excited to see Olivia's reaction and we were NOT disappointed.  The first thing she did when Grandma and Grandpa brought her home was run to her room, screaming "MY NEW MINNIE MOUSE ROOM!"  all the way down the hallway. 

She wasted no time in hopping right on top of her bed.  She is in LOVE with her Minnie Mouse bed.  The only problem we encountered was that she didn't want anyone to turn down her bed because then she couldn't see Minnie Mouse anymore. 

Even though she was pretty sleepy last night, she appeased my desire for several pictures to document her first night in her big girl bed.

It took a little coaxing to get her underneath the sheets and blanket last night, but once we did, she was asleep in no time, and slept the whole night. In fact, when we checked on her this morning she was awake, simply sitting in her bed and when we told her she could get down, she responded, "Help me, pweeaase!" Ahhh...the golden age when the almost-2-year old has not yet discovered she can assert her independence by getting out of her bed multiple times throughout the night. We better enjoy it while it lasts!

What a weekend of catching up around the house!  We are so thankful to Grandma and Grandpa for watching the kids so we could get TONS done...including some early Christmas shopping and even a dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  We haven't really had a kid-free evening since a wedding we attended in August, so Ben and I definitely enjoyed the extra time to talk, laugh, and just be together! 


Lil Ms. Phyre said...

How did you do the frames again? I'm in the midst of redoing my 2 yr olds room now...I got a headboard that I am going to refinish with purple, pink, and yellow with a Minnie head...the rest I am a little shotty on...not sure what else I want to do...

Jen D said...

I actually spray painted some old frames with black spray paint. Then, I found some polka dot scrapbook paper to use as a background and printed Minnie Mouse silhouette images onto clear transparency paper. It was super easy and turned out pretty good. Your headboard idea sounds really neat!