Monday, October 8, 2012

Zach's 5th Birthday

The beginning of birthday season 2012 is off to a fantastic start!  This year Zach requested a Packer football party for his fifth birthday and even though we live in the heart of Vikings territory, I think we pulled off a pretty stellar theme. 

Since we had a few extra streamers, we put them outside of Zach's bedroom door as a morning birthday surprise and we were not to be disappointed.  We were all waiting anxiously by his bedroom door when he flung it open, was hit full in the face with a ton of streamers, and quickly ran back into his room and hid under his bed!  I think he was actually a little embarrassed that we were all laughing at his startled reaction, but he got over it quickly and has now requested that we never EVER take his Packer streamers down. 

He was completely thrilled with all of his party decorations.  I love celebrating the kids on their birthdays and it is always so much fun to see how excited they are by all the little things we do to make their day extra special. 

For breakfast, Zach picked out oatmeal with dinosaur eggs that hatch when you stir.  He was amazed by the appearance of little dinosaurs in his oatmeal and although he declared he was full, apparently had enough room for a Packer cookie as a special birthday breakfast dessert.

The birthday festivities continued at preschool where Zach brought a birthday snack of blueberry muffins (topped with mini Packer helmets, of course), string cheese, and apple juice to share.  In addition to bestowing upon him a birthday crown, Zach also received a birthday card from his teachers.  He also said everyone sang him "Happy Birthday!" 

After preschool, we returned home where Olivia took an afternoon nap and I told Zach we could do absolutely ANYTHING he wanted.  I thought he would most likely request a movie or video game play, but he was adamant about playing a board game with me.  After he assessed the board games we owned and declared none of them looked like very much fun, I caved and let him open one of his presents from us early. 

Although he had no idea what it was at first, we spent the entire afternoon playing Mouse Trap and it is now officially his favorite game.  Granted, he has little interest in playing the game to assemble the trap, but instead only wants to set the trap over and over again to watch the marbles on the marble run and see the mice get caught underneath the net. 

After we picked Allie up from school, we continued celebrating with dinner at Chuck E Cheese.  The kids have never been to Chuck E Cheese before so they were incredibly excited for the experience. 

Despite the pizza tasting like cardboard and the overwhelming number of games present, the kids still had fun.  Ben and I, however, have no intention of returning any time soon.   

After the Chuck E Cheese "experience," we headed home for presents and cake.  Grandma and Grandpa joined us too!


Since Zach could absolutely wait no longer, we opened presents first. 

Then, it was time for cake!

After we lit the candles, Zach jumped up from his seat and declared it was too dangerous for him to sit that close to fire.  I'm actually surprised we were able to get him to come close enough to even blow out the candles!  In true Zach fashion, he ate ONLY the frosting off of his cupcake, leaving the lonely vanilla cake sitting on his plate.  In fact, as you can see from the pictures, he didn't even bother to remove the cupcake wrapper! 

Although he was insistent upon building his legos that evening, it had been a long day and everyone was ready for and early the next morning.....

And, yes, he wore his birthday crown the entire weekend. 

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