Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trick Or Treat 2012

Last night the kids could barely contain their excitement as they gobbled down dinner.  They couldn't wait to get into their costumes to go Trick or Treating.  In fact, I'm certain they were in their costumes mere minutes after jumping up from the dinner table!

This year, Ben and I had the privelige of escorting Rapunzel, Finn McMissile, and Minnie Mouse throughout our neighborhood to collect massive quantities of candy. 

It was a beautiful night and we definitely saw more trick or treaters than usual.  Plus, we were able to stay out a lot later than we normally do now that all three kids are a little older. 
Allie, with her long blond wig, was only mistaken for Marilyn Monroe once (seriously?!  Who let's their almost 7 year old dress up like Marilyn Monroe?!).    Olivia said "Trick or Treat" and "Thank-you" at each door we approached.  And even though Zach's legs got tired toward the end, he did indeed make it home in one piece and with his entire bag of candy intact.  

Before heading off to bed, we let the kids have a 20-minute indulge session where they ate as much candy as they could possibly unwrap and stuff into their mouths.  I'm pretty sure Zach out ate both the girls.

It was a fun night and though I may be partial, I think we had three of the cutest Trick or Treaters on the block!

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