Monday, November 12, 2012

Where'd the Weekend Go?!

You know those weekends that go by so quickly that when Monday rolls around you feel like you need another weekend to recover from the weekend that just passed by?

Yep....we just had one of those weekends.  Not bad at all, just busy!

Friday evening we decided on a celebratory pizza dinner in honor of Olivia's week long (and successful!) quest to use the potty (more about that to come).  On our way to our favorite pizza place, we made a stop to mail Allie's letter to the president.  All the kids in Allie's class wrote a letter to President Obama after the election and were instructed to mail their letters in hopes of receiving one in return. 

It's good to know that our local first graders are highly concerned about creating jobs and the state of our national security.  Hopefully, President Obama will find enough time in between taking care of these concerns to write my almost seven-year old back...because she has already asked at least 10 times since we mailed her letter if we've received her presidential response yet.  However, if the past four years serve as any indication of how President Obama gets things done in Washington, I hope she doesn't hold her breath....

We started bright and early on Saturday morning by making our way to Ben's work to help him move his office.  His company just completed a new addition to their building, so there has been a lot of people relocating within the building. 

The kids "helped" by pushing carts full of paperwork, decorating Daddy's office whiteboard, and indulging in the free hot chocolate and candy. 

After a quick lunch out, Allie had a birthday party to attend in the afternoon and the rest of us passed the time by running errands and maybe snagging a cookie at a local bakery for a snack. 

Upon returning home, our house was in desperate need of cleaning (a potty training 2-year old left me absolutely NO TIME this week to do anything other than laundry and party in the bathroom).  We all pitched in and had the house looking spotless in no time!

Sunday was a blur as well....with church worship team taking up the morning for me, church and Sunday School for the kids and Ben. 

When we got home, we spent the remainder of the day catching the kids up on schoolwork (remember, Bert the Turkey?) and reading minutes. 

Allie also received an early birthday present from her Great Grandma and Grandpa that left us creating headbands for the majority of the afternoon.

We tried, to no avail, to get our sleep deprived Olivia to take a nap....

In a panic, sometime toward the end of the day, we remembered Allie is the Star of the Week this week and we had to complete her special "About Me" poster and print out pictures. 

Then, somehow the weekend was over and as I sat on the couch trying to catch up on my BSF homework, I had the realization that there is really only one more weekend remaining before Thanksgiving!

Not only that, when I woke up this morning and looked out the window and saw....SNOW....I realized somehow winter snuck right up on us. 

And, now, it is back to more laundry because there never EVER is a shortage of laundry to do around our house.  And, seriously, what is a more fun way to start a week than tackling a MOUND of laundry?! 

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