Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

Again, true to past New Year's history, we rang in 2013 fast asleep in our beds...all five of us.  One of these years we'll do something exciting, but last night was not to be the start of a new tradition! 

We started 2013 off this morning with a big breakfast of red velvet pancakes, scrambled eggs, bacon, blueberries, and orange juice.

We plan to spend the rest of the day inside, avoiding the arctic blast (-7 degrees, yikes!), while watching the Rose Parade and the first few Disney movies on our list in preparation for a very special upcoming spring vacation. 

We also have to come to grips with the reality of school and work beginning tomorrow, meaning life-back-to-normal and we'll have to actually get dressed before noon.

Ben also suggested I post some better pictures of our kitchen progress.  Apparently, in my haste to finish up all 2012 posts last night, there weren't really that many great kitchen pictures to choose from.  So, we took some more this morning.....

Happy 2013!

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