Tuesday, January 15, 2013

January Update

Despite my absence here on the blog, we are still alive and adjusting back to normal life after the holiday hooplah.  Thankfully, we've somehow been able to avoid the massive flu and strep throat outbreak and remain healthy for the time being. 

There are HUGE benefits to having a third reader in the household!  And, pretty soon, I'm sure I'll be reaping the additional benefits of a fourth reader!
Happy, healthy, but missing Daddy.
The Thursday after New Year's, Ben departed on a business trip to Orlando, Florida.  He enjoyed his time there, complete with his first ever visit to Disney World, while I managed the kids at home.  Although the Home Depot Project Day almost threatened to be my complete undoing (upon which I sent Ben an e-mail immediately afterwards....stating that he would be taking all three kids on the first Saturday of February to construct and paint Valentines boxes all on his own while I hit up the local coffee shop), I somehow managed to persevere and we were all alive and well upon his return late Sunday evening. 

Granted, we may have had some help from my parents who graciously took us all out for pizza one evening and invited us over to their house for lunch after church on Sunday, but we managed to also keep ourselves occupied by watching "Mary Poppins," reading lots of books, finding and putting together a desk for Allie's room, and also going out for lunch at Noodles. 

Upon his return, Ben distributed souvenirs for us all....lanyards and Disney trading pins for the kids (for our own family's upcoming trip to Disney World this spring) and this awesome and ultimately perfect coffee mug for me:

We've also been slowly and steadily working on the kitchen.  We're still awaiting the cabinet arrival, but in the meantime Ben tackled lighting this past weekend.  We now have more light than we have ever had in our kitchen, meaning I can actually SEE what I am cooking!  In fact, Ben even decided to install a dimmer switch for the chandelier because it was so unbelievably bright that we were afraid of burning our retinas.

I also started the process of cleaning out the kitchen cabinets because I am hoping our new cabinets will be here by next week.  I'm just a little excited about this new kitchen.....

In other news, Zach's inner artist is starting to make an appearance.  After preschool last week, he happily presented these pictures to me.
Zach's portrayal of me and Ben...so I don't forget Daddy on Valentine's Day. 
Zach's rendition of Skippy John Jones (one of his favorite book characters:  a cat who thinks he's really a chihuahua)

Although I didn't snap a picture of it, yesterday he brought an extremely detailed picture he drew of our backyard and house.  The girls have always, ALWAYS had an interest in art and drawing, but Zach....not so much.  It is actually kind of fun to see what he can create when he feels like it!

I've also had to face the grim reality these past two weeks that I cannot indeed eat whatever I want for three months and hope to remain completely unaltered.  I've been pretty much "eating free" since birthday celebration month began in October...which led right into Halloween candy indulgence...that was a precursor to Thanksgiving's carb city...and culminated in December with the indulgence of far more cookies and treats than I care to admit. 

The only thing I remain diligent with is my morning treadmill dates of 3-4 miles.  Unfortunately, not even 20 miles a week can contend with the amount of sugar and carbohydrates I was allowing my body to consume. 

So, it is back to square one for me...recording caloric intake, meticulously watching my choices...and folks, it is NOT easy.  Seriously, the cravings are horrible and I pretty much "feel" hungry all the time (I say "feel" because I'm such an emotional eater that sometimes I have a difficult time determining between real hunger and just wanting to eat something because I can). 

Since I know that I will always fail if I cut things out completely, I put together these portioned controlled packets of goodies I'm allowing myself to indulge on if I make good choices throughout the day.

So far, knowing that I get a treat sometime throughout the day helps me feel less deprived and I've been able to make better choices.  Week 1 has me down 2 pounds...leaving only about 5-10 more to go.  I'm hoping to be back to my goal weight by the time we head to Disney World this March. 

Otherwise, life is pretty normal around here.  Today I spent the morning getting Allie ready for school, heading out on an early before school Target run for coffee K-cups, washing sheets and making beds, making kool-aid play-doh with Zach and Olivia, mediating conflict between Zach and Olivia while they played with their play-doh for most of the morning, talking to my sister on the phone, making lunch, supervising Olivia while playing with dry erase markers, reading books, cleaning up one of Olivia's potty accidents, unloading the dishwasher, making lunch, prepping dinner, and now updating the blog.  Maybe I can fit in a quick nap before quiet time is over?  Eh...probably not.

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