Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kitchen Remodel Update

The last few days have been unbelievably cold.  I know that I shouldn't be surprised by this, it is January and I do live in Minnesota, but for some reason when I looked at my dashboard in the car this morning I couldn't help but feel complete and utter shock. 

Thankfully, the kids had off of school yesterday so we declared it an official PJ day at home, avoiding the arctic blast at all costs.  I caught up on laundry after a whirlwind of a DIY kitchen remodel weekend and the kids enjoyed playing with Legos, creating early Valentines, and eating mini corn dogs for lunch (thanks to the microwave...the only cooking unit that is still functional in our kitchen right now).
 About that kitchen remodel.....we are well on our way. 
On Friday morning, my kitchen looked a little something like this:
Every cabinet and drawer empty...ready for DEMO!

The demo guys were here a little less than three hours and when they left, my kitchen was barely recognizable.

Thankfully, they left me with the kitchen sink to get through the next few days.
Electrical hanging out from where the soffits used to be....insulation just beginning to fall all over the floor from the attic...what a mess.
At this point I was feeling a tad bit overwhelmed.  This goes way beyond any DIY project I've ever tackled.  I'm pretty much a paint, spackle, and occasional wallpaper gal.  Holes in my ceiling?!  Aack!

Thankfully, Ben was feeling pretty giddy at this point.  He got right down to work...configuring the electrical so that it was flush inside the walls, adding and moving several outlets, re-insulating in the attic and adding drywall to the ceiling, and moving the gas line for our new oven. 

While he was tackling those projects, I sanded down and mudded all the walls....then I sanded and mudded again...and again.  I operated the wet/dry vac.  I also painted the walls and ceiling in between making sure we were actually taking breaks to eat. 

The kids hung out at my parents for the weekend, enabling us to get much more accomplished than what we originally anticipated.  When the cabinet guys arrive tomorrow, everything should be officially ready for them to go ahead with installation. 

Appliances are due to arrive and be hooked up on Thursday.  Zach has already requested our first meal in the new oven to be Papa Murphy's pizza and homemade cookies (or brownies would apparently be okay with him as well). 

By Friday, I should have an almost functional kitchen (counter tops will have to be measured and ordered...so, I won't see those for another couple weeks yet).  The only thing remaining will be the lovely floor...which will be covered up by early next week. 

So, things are coming along smoothly.  For now, we are enjoying our hole-free ceiling and microwave meals that I threw together quickly last week (so that we wouldn't have to go out to eat each and every night).  I can barely wait to see the new cabinets and get my kitchen back in working order! 

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