Saturday, February 2, 2013

Kitchen Update

The kitchen remodel feels like it has pretty much taken over our life.  The last two weeks have felt crazy as almost everything, from eating to scheduling outings throughout the day, have revolved around when the "worker guys" would be arriving to work on our kitchen. 

Kevin and Brian, our newest "worker guy" friends, have been really great...always kind and courteous to me and the kids, thorough, and they even know a heck of a lot about Veggie Tales.  The only problem is their sense of time.  So, basically if they say they're going to arrive by noon, I have learned to be thrilled if they show up early at 1:30 pm. 

Although not complete, the kitchen cabinets are basically installed.  As I thought and thought about how I wanted to arrange everything, I started to become more and more stressed.  I was so thankful when my mom came to the rescue on Friday and helped me work through putting everything away.  What seemed like an impossible task for me to accomplish on my own was complete in a matter of hours with my mom's help.  I guess even when you're 31 years old, you still sometimes need your mom to come to the rescue!

I won't do an official "before and after" yet, but here are a few photos of the kitchen in its current state (sorry...they're a little blurry...I'll take some better ones when it is complete).  Hopefully, the worker guys will be coming this week to complete the trim, hook up the water line to the fridge, and complete the micro-hood venting.  Also, the counter top guys are coming to measure this week and I'm crossing my fingers that our counter tops will be installed closer to the two week mark rather than the three week mark. 

This week, on one of my many outings in an effort to get out of the worker guys' hair, I found this awesome clock/chalkboard at Home Goods.  It is now hanging in my kitchen and I even had time to play around with some fun Valentine scripture today.  

So, that just about covers it.  I'm more than ready to have a functioning kitchen again...and I'm oddly looking forward to stocking my fridge and cabinets after a grocery store run tomorrow.  That is, after I tackle a meal plan (which I haven't had to do for two weeks!). 

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MWilcox said...

Wow, what a transformation, and it's not even done yet! I'm so excited for you and your new kitchen!