Monday, February 25, 2013

Kitchen Update

No.  Our kitchen is not done yet. 

Yes.  It was supposed to be done over two weeks ago. 

I've been told to expect things to take longer than anticipated when dealing with anything in the home remodeling realm....and I've lived through a long and drawn out bathroom remodel....but I guess I still had high hopes of an on-time and completed kitchen. 

Thankfully, everything in the kitchen is fully functional, which is more than what I was able to say prior to the start of the remodel (broken stove = impetus for entire kitchen remodel in the first place). 

We are just waiting on some cabinetry finishing items to come in and then the "worker-guys" should be returning to finish all the trim work.  I'm hoping to have everything complete by the time we leave for our spring vacation, but I'm beginning to prepare myself for those hopes being dashed as well.

In the meantime, Ben and I picked up the supplies we needed to tackle the kitchen back splash this past weekend.  Originally, we had planned to skip a back splash.  We didn't really think it was all that necessary and figured we could always add it on later if we wanted.  However, after more thought, we decided to go ahead and put one in ourselves. 

We started the project on Saturday morning, and surprisingly, it went extremely smooth!  Although I hate to admit it, Ben was the primary "worker-guy" in this endeavor while I remained the helper.  I did do my fair share of sponging off grout and scraping away grout haze, though. 

We LOVE the final outcome.  We both anticipated the back splash looking good, but we had no idea how much it would finish off the kitchen.  It was definitely worth the little extra time, effort, and money. 




Close Up
One of these days...when the kitchen is FINALLY complete, I'll actually take some better know, photos that aren't blurry.  But, for now, you get the idea. 

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