Monday, February 25, 2013

The Winner is...

Last week we found out that Allie was the first grade winner for her school's carnival button design contest. 

Allie was so excited and was thrilled to see her panda (her school's official mascot) ballerina design made into an official, wearable button. 

I gave Allie enough money to purchase one of her buttons for every member in our family.  However, instead of coming home with six buttons of her own design, she returned with six completely different buttons:  one from each of the grade level's winners.  When I asked her why she didn't just get six of her own, she told me that she thought the other ones were just as good and she couldn't just leave them there.  After I explained to her that we really just wanted her button, she was able to exchange the ones for her very own design.  We are all pretty excited to attend the school's carnival this weekend wearing our award-winning buttons. 

And if there is still any question as to Allie's school spirit, just look at the mustache she sported last Friday for school spirit moustache day:

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