Saturday, February 2, 2013

Zach's First Lost Tooth!

Several weeks ago when Zach discovered his bottom front tooth was loose, he was elated.  He remembered Allie's first loose tooth and how she was rewarded with a bag full of golden chocolate coins from the Tooth Fairy and he couldn't wait until his turn to reap such a reward as well. 

In the beginning of the loose tooth discovery, he was diligent about wiggling, but at the first sign of blood and mild discomfort, he ceased all attempts to extract the tooth.  Even the promise of chocolate golden coins wasn't enough motivation for him to endure the pain of pulling out his own tooth.

Desperate for the Tooth Fairy to visit, one evening he begged me to help him pull his tooth.  After I gave a quick yank, he realized he was bleeding (yet again) and he ran away from me screaming, yelling, and ordering me never EVER to touch his tooth again.

It was at that point he declared he was calling off all manual tooth extraction efforts and would simply wait for his tooth to naturally fall out all on its own.  This was probably a good three weeks ago.... 

So, last Saturday morning Zach awoke and declared he couldn't eat breakfast because his loose tooth was too uncomfortable.  I took a look and realized the poor tooth was just barely hanging on for dear life.  I informed Zach that if he didn't pull it out, he would probably swallow it with his bowl of cereal (seriously, it was that loose).  Not wanting to give up the prized possession (that would also be his ticket to chocolate), he gave one little yank, let out a whimper, then started jumping up and down when he realized he'd successfully yanked that tooth from his mouth! 

He was so pleased with himself and he literally carried around his tooth all day long.  He was pretty upset upon discovering that the Tooth Fairy actually takes away your tooth and leaves the prize.  He told me (since he knows that I'm really the Tooth Fairy) to make sure to keep his tooth safe and separate from Allie's because he might want to look at it or show it to his friends or Grandma and Grandpa one day. 

The only problem the Tooth Fairy ran into was realizing the grocery store no longer carried golden chocolate coins.  Apparently, golden chocolate coins are seasonal merchandise....available only during the holiday season! 

Hoping he wouldn't be too dissapointed, I picked up a bag of Peanut Butter M&M's and a couple Lego sets.  I wrote him a note (from the Tooth Fairy) explaining the debacle and pleaded for his understanding.  Apparently, it wasn't a big deal because he was beyond thrilled to discover his tooth prizes on Sunday morning.

Yesterday Zach informed me that his other bottom tooth is loose.  It looks like the whole process just may be beginning again.....

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