Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Disney World, Here We Come!

The laundry is complete, the house is actually cleaned, and our bags are packed! 

Despite a strep throat diagnosis for Zach this past weekend, a possible strep diagnosis for Olivia (she had a temperature...she wouldn't open her mouth...the nurse couldn't get an accurate culture) that resulted in a pretty severe intestinal reaction to amoxicillin (which had me mildly concerned about being confined to an airplane with a 2 year old who couldn't control her #2), we are officially ready to roll! 

We had one last task to accomplish this evening...pedicures and manicures for the gals.  We definitely need pink toe nails if we are going to be sportin' sandals! 

After Allie requested a Mickey Mouse mani/pedi, I did my best with a Sharpie marker and delivered pretty good results. 

Olivia was thrilled with her pink was just a little difficult to get a picture of her showing them off.
Here she is in all her excitement shouting, "We're goin' to Disney World!"

I'll be surprised if any of us gets any sleep tonight considering the level of excitement amongst the three youngest members of our family.  Truth be told, Ben and I are pretty excited too. 


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