Sunday, March 24, 2013

Disney World!

We are officially (and reluctantly) back from our whirlwind Disney World vacation.  Although seven nights hardly constitutes a "whirlwind," we were so busy having fun that time passed by all too quickly.  I'm sure the kids would have gladly stayed an additional seven nights if we let them.  Heck, the beautiful weather alone (70's-80's and sunny the majority of the time) had me wishing we could stay just a bit longer...or at least until the snow melts here in Minnesota.

Granted, in spite of the still-winter-weather, it did feel good to sleep in our very own beds.  Disney World had us on our feet all day, every day and we were all ready to finally rest and relax when we arrived home.  I don't think we've ever had as much fun and been simultaneously so exhausted as the week we spent at Disney. 

Exhibit A:  The Kids at MSP before departure to Orlando

Exhibit B:  The kids in the truck on the way home after a week at Disney World:

After we unpacked, did laundry, and put our souvenirs away....

Olivia's Pin Collection

Zach's Pin Collection

Allie's Pin Collection

Souvenirs from Grandma and Grandpa

A Few of Our Pressed Coins

.....I began to sort through the over 900 pictures we took.  Instead of posting them all here, I decided to pick the best photos and create a photo book with some of the highlights of our trip.  If you're interested, you can follow the link to see the book I created:  Disney World Photo Book.

Otherwise, there were a few pictures that didn't make the photo book cut that I thought I would post here. 

First up, Allie and Zach meeting the pilot of our airplane:

On the way to Florida all three kids were very excited about flying.

They were great on the airplane and kept busy playing on their Leap Pads, reading, coloring, watching movies on my IPad, and eating snacks.  Olivia refused to use the bathroom (she was deathly afraid of the airplane bathroom), but amazingly made it accident-free on both flights (actually we only had one potty accident the ENTIRE WEEK at Disney...I was completely and totally amazed!).  However, by the return home, the airplane had definitely lost its lustre for the kids...Olivia even declared within the first five minutes of take off, "I'm all done!  Get me outta here!"

I also thought some of the ride shots were pretty hilarious.  Here are the ones I snapped of us while on the Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin:

And here is my mom, Allie, and me on Space Mountain...either I'm getting old or Space Mountain is a little more crazy than I remember it being!

Here's my dad and Zach getting ready for the Toy Story Midway Mania ride at Hollywood Studios:

Although the weather was mostly beautiful, we did have one morning of rain and we were thankful for our ponchos.  Although the rain was a bummer, we did get to ride a ton of rides with absolutely no wait!  Score!

By mid-morning it was sunny and beautiful again! 

The kids loved swimming just about as much as they loved visiting the parks. 

Magic Kingdom was the overwhelming favorite, mostly due to all the rides and characters.  We collected quite a few character signatures and got our pictures taken with many of them!  Here's Zach having fun on the go-karts that he could drive!

Overall, we had an amazing time! 

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