Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Snow Day!

The very first thing I did this morning after the alarm went off at 5:15 am was peer out the window to see how much snow had accumulated overnight.  The weathermen have been hyping up this "winter weather event" for the past few days now, so I was anxious to see if they were right in their predictions.  While there was definitely a lot of snow out there, I wasn't anticipating a school cancellation and when I checked the district's website at 5:20 am, my own predictions were confirmed...school was still on. 

So, I proceeded to drag my butt downstairs, put in my three miles on the treadmill, and began to dread the drive to take Allie to school.  After seeing the yucky road conditions on the news, I decided to check the website one more time...you know...just in case they changed their minds.  Lo and behold....as of 6:00 am....a SNOW DAY was officially declared!

We don't get a lot of snow days here in Minnesota.  Snow is pretty much a way of life for us.  So, I was actually shocked to discover that a mere 8 inches of snow resulted in the cancellations of school districts all over the metro area.  Definitely not complaining.  The break in routine was definitely needed (especially as we are highly, HIGHLY anticipating Spring Break next week). 

Telling Allie this morning about the snow day went a little something like this:

Ben:  Allie, guess what?  You have a snow day today!

Allie:  (looking outside) I know.  I can see all the snow.

Ben:  But, I said you have a snow day.

Allie:  Yep, Dad, there is sure a lot of SNOW!

Ben:  Allie, do you even know what a snow day means?

Allie:  That there's lots of snow?

Ben:  Well, yes, and there is so much snow that they cancelled school.

Allie:  Are you kidding?
Ben:  NO!

Allie:  Seriously?
Ben:  Allie, you do not have school today.  It's cancelled!



Anyway, since snow days are such a rare occurrence, I thought we should have an extra special fun day.  It started out with breakfast in the living room while watching cartoons. 

Then, we watched as the cop car got stuck on our un-plowed road right in front of our house.  Thankfully, one of our neighbors ran out with a shovel to help.

After all that excitement, we made Snickerdoodles together.

This was the inaugural batch of cookies in my brand new oven and they are delicious!  I don't think these cookies will last too long...especially once Ben arrives home!

While I got lunch ready (mini corn dogs--all the kids were so very excited about this), Allie read to Zach and Olivia in the living room. 

For dessert, I whipped up some snow ice cream for the kids (thanks to my sister's suggestion).

Then, while Olivia and I stayed inside to clean up the mess in the kitchen, Allie and Zach suited up to go play in the snow.

I originally told them they could play outside for an hour, but after two hours, I still had to drag them inside.  Granted, Olivia and I finished cleaning up the kitchen well before then.  So, we spent the remainder of the time packing for our trip to Disney World next week.  Only a handful of days to go....

How refreshing to fill a suitcase with shorts, t-shirts, swimsuits, and flip flops instead of coats, boots, sweaters, and sweatshirts! 

The kids kept busy after coming inside, building train tracks downstairs.  Olivia was beyond upset when I announced quiet/nap time a little over a half hour ago, but she is now sleeping soundly in her bed while Allie and Zach are happily playing their Leap Pads downstairs. 

All in all, I think it was quite a successful snow day! 

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