Sunday, April 21, 2013

Earrings For Allie

Today was a big day for Allie.  According to her, she has been waiting ever since she was 5 years old for this day to come to pass.  In fact, it was "a dream come true!" 

Following church today, in an effort to combat some severe cabin fever, we made our way to the Mall of America for the afternoon.  We visited a few stores and rode a few escalators before finding ourselves inside a Claire's where Allie immediately began admiring the earrings. 

On a whim, I asked her if she wanted to get her ears pierced.  Usually she is hesitant (she has always wanted the earrings, but hasn't been so sure about the method), but today she immediately replied "YES!  YES!  IT IS WHAT I'VE ALWAYS WANTED!"

We tracked down the store's associate and within a couple minutes she was seated in the chair, ready to go.

We picked out a pair of pink sparkly flower earrings and I signed the consent form three times.  They gave her a special Claire's bear to hold.

Then, they marked her ears.

I believe this is when she got really nervous.  She wouldn't admit to it at the time, but tonight while I was helping her clean her ears, she told me she got really hot and felt VERY nervous!  Good thing she had a team of cheerleaders to root her on. Zach could really have cared less.  However, at the end of the ordeal he became suddenly interested as the ear piercing lady began handing out lollipops.

Anyway, back to the piercing....

After the marks were made and before Allie could change her mind, the ear piercing lady worked at lightening speed to get those suckers in Allie's ears.

And just like that, her ears were pierced without a tear or any drama whatsoever!  She emphatically proclaimed that it did not hurt at all and couldn't stop smiling all afternoon!

She happily posed for photos during our time at the Mall.

Zach, on the other hand, was NOT having a good time and he didn't have any problem letting everyone know about it.  Apparently shopping and jewelry isn't at the top of his priority list.

After a few more stores and lunch at Noodles, we headed home where Allie spent the rest of the day admiring her new earrings in the mirror. 

Zach has no desire whatsoever to ever pierce his ears (totally fine by me, buddy!) and was extremely disappointed upon being told that he has to be extra careful playing with Allie...especially no more full body tackling or head locks! 

I thought Olivia would want earrings too, but she seems to be pacified with stickers for now. 

It was definitely a big day for my big girl! 

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