Sunday, April 14, 2013

Last Week's Highlights

Last week started out promising enough.  Sunday was sorta sunny and kind of warmish so the kids spent most of the afternoon running around the backyard grass.  Yes, I said grass!  Last Sunday our backyard was completely devoid of ALL snow.

Then, Thursday happened and this was the view from our back door approximately 10 minutes before I left to take Allie to school. 

The kids were a little apprehensive when it started thundering during the morning snowstorm, but when I assured them that thundersnow causes no harm, they were more enamored than scared of this weird Minnesota spring phenomenon (that I initially mistook for a very large snow plow barreling down our quiet street).

Unfortunately, it has stayed cold and not much of that white stuff has melted, even after the cold downpour of rain we experienced all day today. 

The rest of the week was fairly uneventful.  Monday brought loads of laundry, school and dance for Allie, and a preschool conference for Zach where I was told he is more than ready for kindergarten. 

Tuesday was filled with errands and catching up around the house, including putting all of my winter boots, mittens, and scarves away to make room for shorts and t-shirts.  I'm not sure why I felt compelled to do that when I knew a winter storm was coming...maybe just wishful thinking?

Wednesday, after BSF when I asked Olivia what she wanted for lunch before we had to pick Zach up at preschool, she replied enthusiastically, "MAC AND CHEESE FROM PA-NE-WA!  And, you can have a sa-wad, Mommy."  Being the sucker that I am, we went to Panera for mac and cheese and a mommy salad. 

The snowstorm hit on Thursday and Zach decided that it was one of his stuffed animal's birthdays, so we made cupcakes.

After dinner we all sang "Happy Birthday" to his stuffed UW-Wisconsin Build-A-Bear Badger, blew out our candles, and ate cupcakes.  Zach, true to fashion, merely licked the frosting from his cupcake and proclaimed he was finished.  I'm certain his favorite part of the day was when I provided him with pretzels to dip in the remaining frosting from the jar after we finished icing the cupcakes. 

This week, I also found a series of notes in Allie's bedroom addressed to Ben.  They are actually quite cute and I was a little bummed to not be the recipient of any letters. 

Then she came home from school with a worksheet that listed four things that make her happy.  I felt pretty special for ranking right up there with Bedtime Bear, Minnie Mouse, and Disney World.

The highlight of Friday for the kids was popping the bubble wrap that accompanied a package that arrived that morning (a brand spankin' new sink protector...ooohhh...the excitement!).

Oh, and Allie and Zach helped Olivia channel her inner-pirate as Captain Olivia Hook:

Saturday was spent organizing kids' rooms and the basement storage one was very thrilled about it, but I tried to make the day a little happier by whipping up some blueberry pancakes for breakfast and promising swimming at the Y if we finished our jobs.  After lunch and completing our projects, we made a Goodwill drop-off run and a quick trip to Target before heading to the Y to spend the remainder of the afternoon swimming. 

Following church this morning, we went out to brunch with my parents to celebrate my mom's upcoming birthday.  The kids even wrote their own special song for her and practiced it the entire way to church (fun times, fun times...).  The only complaint came from Zach regarding the absence of birthday cake...and that was after he managed to consume four humongous pieces of French toast.

On the way home from my parents' house, we made a short stop at the grocery store and then came home to finish homework and get ready for the week.  While Allie completed her spelling, reading, and math, Zach finished up his all about me poster. 

I'm not sure how ready for the week I feel, but I'm definitely ready for bed.  I'm hoping, somehow miraculously, that when I wake up tomorrow morning the snow will be gone and green grass will be in its place.  A few buds on the trees and flowers would be alright too.  If not, I think I just might make a batch of Christmas cookies with the kids....

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