Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring, A New Bike, April Fool's Day, Zach's View on Marriage, and The Beast

Even though it still feels like the middle of February outside, it is indeed Spring.  This past weekend the temps soared into the forties and with the sun shining so brightly, we could hardly wait to get outside.  We spent most of the afternoon walking around our neighborhood while the kids rode their bikes.  We were shocked to see that some trees are actually getting buds despite the fact that snow still blankets much of the grass. 

After our neighborhood bike ride (we were out for almost 2 hours and probably walked almost 3 miles, yet Olivia still cried and cried when it was time to come inside), we came to the realization that Allie is far, FAR too big for her Disney Princess bike.  We were actually kind of surprised she could even pedal and balance on two wheels with her knees all the way up to her chest.  So, we went on a hunt for a new bike and came up with a schmancy pink and white Huffy, complete with pedal breaks (since Allie just learned to ride a bike last Fall, she was not yet willing to take on handle breaks...or gears...which is absolutely fine with us because it meant a much less expensive bike). 

Unfortunately, Olivia cried and cried again upon discovery that we were only purchasing Allie's bike and would not be taking home the toddler-sized Minnie Mouse Boutique bike that Zach pushed her in throughout the aisles of Toys 'R Us while Allie was trying out bikes.  Fun times. 

Anyway, no pictures of the new bike yet.  Ben just got around to putting it together last night...so Allie is excited to officially try it out tonight after school.  Hopefully, for her sake, it will warm up a little bit before then.

I have tons of pictures from Easter, so we'll save that for another post.  Also, the kitchen is finally COMPLETE...as in absolutely no more worker guys have to come, it is absolutely and totally FINISHED...complete.  So, I'll have to get some before and after pictures for comparison sake.  Basically, we're ecstatic about the final product...not so thrilled with the fact that a 3-4 week project turned into a 3 month one, but that seems to be the case with most home remodeling projects in our experience, I guess.

Yesterday was April Fool's day and Allie was anxious to play the same joke on me that her teacher played on their class.  After dinner she asked me if I wanted a brownie.  Since I've never been one to turn down a decadent chocolate dessert, I absolutely replied, "YES!!"  She then disappeared downstairs to her room and returned with a piece of paper with a brown 'E' written on it.  I told her I didn't think that was very funny...because in my world, joking about chocolate is just NOT cool.  Ben has even learned that you never joke with me when dessert is at stake. 

Zach was pretty upset that he wasn't able to "play a fool" on anyone yesterday.  So, he asked me this morning if we could have "April McFool's again" so that he could have a chance to "play a fool."  When I started laughing, he got really upset...then he spilled milk all over the kitchen and ran away.  So...maybe that was the joke???

Anyway, speaking of Zach, we had an enlightening discussion about marriage on our way to Old Navy to buy him some new jeans this morning.  He finally wore through the knees of a pair of his jeans...and the knees in another pair are getting thin.  I know I could get all Pinteresty and sew (heck who am I kidding) glue cute patches on the knees, but I'm still holding out hope that we won't be wearing jeans much longer and since his other jeans are all borderline nerdy-short, I thought he could use another couple pair anyway.  The kid is a 6-slim...and even those are a little big on him...we had to make sure to get a pair that didn't just fall off his non-existent hips/butt onto the floor.

Now that we have that tangent taken care of...back to the marriage discussion. 

While we were waiting for a train to cross, he suddenlty became extremely interested in why people get married...mostly because he doesn't understand what the big deal is and why you would even want to live with a girl.  He told me he already lives with two girls and all they do is talk all the time and boss him around, so when he gets older, he isn't getting married.  Plus, he surmised, if you have to pick a girl to live with for the rest of your life, that might be really hard and take a really long time, and he is NOT interested in making that big of a decision.  When I reminded him that husbands and wives help each other out (with chores, or working, or cooking, or cleaning, or with caring for babies), he concluded he could just get his food from McDonald's and since he's never having a baby anyways, he doesn't need help with that. 

On an unrelated note (but sort of a related note because it has to do with marriage), when we were in Disney World and Olivia had the opportunity to meet the Beast, she completely refused.  To encourage her, we told her that the Beast might give her a kiss, to which she responded, "But....but....he can't give me a kiss....because I'm not MARRIED."

And apparently Zach has similar fears because he also informed me that the whole kissing on the lips thing is gross and that is reason enough for him to refrain from marriage.  And, as we were looking at our Disney World pictures and he saw a picture of Jasmine, he was really irritated that she didn't have a shirt on because we could all see her belly button.

In approximately ten years, I have a feeling I'm going to be fervently looking for this blog post to remind Zach of his adamant proclamation of celibacy.  

And on that note, I should probably sort through the Easter pictures...and enjoy my little kids now...instead of worrying about those big kid problems to come....

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