Monday, May 27, 2013

Early Morning Pit Stop

Last week before we took Allie to school on Tuesday, we made a pit stop at Target to snag a few necessities.  Coincidentally, this particular Target also has a Starbucks located inside.  As we were leaving, Zach suggested we stop so I could get a latte.  It did not take much more persuasion than that for me to agree.  The barista also whipped up three complimentary hot chocolates for the kids.  Apparently, according to Zach, it was the absolute best hot chocolate he has ever had.

Unfortunately, now Zach suggests we stop for a latte every single morning...which has not been good for this latte-lovin'-momma's resolve to limit coffee pit stops.  Apparently I need to learn how to make a coffee shop quality latte at addition to the world's best hot chocolate.   

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