Sunday, May 5, 2013

MayFest 2013

This past Friday we attended Zach's preschool MayFest:  an end of the year celebration and carnival that doubles as a fundraiser for the preschool.  Zach has been looking forward to MayFest for the past couple weeks and even though the bouncy houses had to be cancelled due to unseasonably cold weather and rain (we were thrilled it was rain, not SNOW!), he still managed to have a great time. 

We began the night with a hot dog dinner in the gym.

He was very eager to visit his teachers' game booth:  Bring Home the Bacon.  So, after dinner we had to make a stop there first. 
Miss Billi, Zach, and Mr. Cody

Playing "Bring Home the Bacon" (basically a glorified pig race with battery operated stuffed piggies)

There was a face painting booth that Allie and Olivia were very excited about.  Zach was not interested at all and opted to skip the face painting all together. 

Shockingly, despite Olivia's recent deathly fear of any and all bugs, she chose a ladybug design for her cheek.

We spent the majority of the night playing all types of carnival games and collecting prizes.

The sucker tree has always been Zach's favorite carnival game!  This time he actually won and his prize was....a bigger sucker!

Zach and his best friend, Jacob.

Finally, it was time for the Blue Class' musical performance.  Zach has never been that excited about singing on stage, but over the past couple weeks he has been talking a lot about the songs he was working on in school and was even singing them at home.  His teachers this year are absolutely amazing and I'm sure that has a lot to do with his anticipation to perform. 

Actually, I think any preschool teachers that are able to tame a class full of boys (18 boys and only 4 girls) are nothing short of miracle workers!

We were so proud of Zach as he sang and did the motions for every single song!  The whole program lasted about 25 minutes and he participated enthusiastically for the entire time.

It is hard to believe that in only a matter of weeks Zach will be a preschool graduate and on his way to kindergarten.  He is more than ready thanks to his great teachers who have really helped him enjoy school and learning over this past year. 

Fortunately, for our family, this will not be our last MayFest.  Next year, we will all get the opportunity to cheer for Olivia as she takes up the MayFest stage! 

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