Sunday, May 19, 2013

Mother's Day Recap

One of my favorite things about Mother's Day is seeing how excited the kids are to give me their hand crafted cards and gifts.  This year was no exception! 
A Handmade Dish Towel and Card from Zach

Zach's Handprints--I am still shocked that he claims his favorite thing I do is make dinner because he complains nightly about what's on his plate (definitely the picky eater of our family!)

Olivia's Handprints

A refrigerator magnet from Allie
A Family Portrait from Allie
Allie was insistent upon making me breakfast in bed, but since Sunday mornings can be kind of crazy, Ben woke up early on Saturday morning and helped the kids put a special breakfast tray together for me!
On Sunday morning, we all woke up to celebratory doughnuts thanks to Ben.  We went to church and then came home after a brief stop at the grocery store.  Mother's Day or not, the kitchen needed to be stocked for the week! 
We made sure to take the obligatory Mother's Day photos, even though Zach was initially NOT at all happy about it.

Thankfully, later on in the day, he agreed to a mother-son photo.
In the afternoon, we continued our celebrations with my parents by going out for ice cream!
Me and my Mom

I had a great Mother's Day, even though, just like motherhood, it was hardly perfect.  There were meltdowns and fights to referee.  There were skinned knees and name calling.  There were dishes and laundry and crumbs to sweep up off the floor.  By about 11:00 am, I was sure that what little patience I had woken up with was gone...which honestly, is not that much different than any other day.    And, as I fell into bed at the end of it all, I was completely and utterly exhausted.
But, the next morning, I got up to do it all again.
Because there is no one else I'd rather spend my days with than these three.  Because of the joy they bring to my life...the giggles and the smiles, the constant chatter and questions, the hugs and kisses.  Because I never knew what true selfless love was until these three came into my world.  Because they have taught me that no matter how overwhelming a task...God's grace is always bigger.


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