Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Nap Time

Despite Olivia's daily objections, she still needs a nap.  Do we miss nap time every so often?  Sure.  Especially on the weekends or any day we make afternoon plans.  She's always been pretty easy going and missing a nap here or there doesn't affect her too much...other than she's ready for bed by 7:00 pm.

Anyway, today after falling down and scraping her legs in the preschool parking lot and barely being able to make it up our back steps and into our back door when we got home (she was seriously so tired she could barely walk...probably due to the fact that she had no nap yesterday because we embraced the warm weather with a trip to Como Park/Zoo), she began protesting her nap...LOUDLY.

Eventually, after a story I was able to coax her in bed where I always remind her that we lay down, we do not get up, and we close our eyes to take a nap.  She always smiles at me and says, "No...I'm NOT closing my eyes." 

I assume, usually because it is so quiet in there, that she falls asleep quickly and isn't playing around in her room. 

However, I think I just may be wrong.  This is how I found her just 15 minutes ago....

Fast asleep wearing Minnie Mouse sunglasses...that were NOT in her bed when I left the room.  Obviously, she's sneaky. 

Kind of like when she put her sandals on and snuck out into the backyard all by herself to play on Monday afternoon while I was putting away laundry in her room.  I didn't even hear the door! 

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