Monday, May 27, 2013

The Newest Preschool Grad

Last Friday morning we celebrated Zach's graduation from preschool.  He has been anticipating his graduation from preschool for weeks now.  Mostly because he can't wait to start kindergarten!  Before we left for his very last morning as part of the Blue Class, I made sure to take a few pictures.

For comparison's sake, here are his beginning of the year pictures paired with Friday's photos. 

Not only is he a year older, but I think he may be a few inches taller, has two teeth fewer, and no longer feels the need to wear his beloved "Packer Warmer" wherever he goes.  Zach went from being apprehensive about attending preschool this fall to making friends in his class, learning how to count to 100, beginning to put letters together to read simple words, actually singing songs in front of an audience, and not hating crafts and coloring.  His teachers think (and I agree) he is more than ready to begin kindergarten in the fall!
Since Allie had off of school on Friday, we all got to attend his preschool graduation ceremony...even Grandma was able to come!  In addition to singing a few songs, Zach also received his diploma and special end-of-the-year gift:  a personally designed plate, a booklet of special artwork, and a bag with his hand prints and name.   

After the ceremony, we all headed out to the playground to enjoy celebratory popsicles and say one last big thank-you and goodbye to Zach's Blue Class teachers, Miss Billi and Miss Tammy.  Thankfully, the goodbyes were not too sad as we will surely see them both next year as the youngest member of our family begins her very own preschool career. 

She is so excited about attending class in the fall and is already getting to know the other kids...which just so happen to be siblings of Zach's classmates.  Here she is with her best friend Bryn, whom she lovingly calls "Grin."  Throughout the year, these two couldn't wait to see each other upon pick up time! 

A big CONGRATS to our newest preschool grad!  We are proud of you and know that you will make an awesome kindergartener!

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