Sunday, June 2, 2013

Dance Recital

We started June off with Allie's end of the year dance recital.  This year we were able to see her perform in a tap routine and a ballet routine.  She was pretty excited to wear her costume, complete with a ballerina bun and make up, one last time before dance is over for the summer months. 

Since her dance school announced they were holding two recitals this year in an effort to decrease the length of performance, I naively assumed we would be in and out of the auditorium in an hour...maybe an hour and a half at the most.  After approximately an hour and five minutes, when the house lights came up announcing intermission, I realized I was very, very wrong. 

Poor Zach was the most disappointed to learn that we still had an entire hour left upon stretching our legs at intermission.  While I thought Olivia would be enamored by the dancers, she was pretty much done with the whole show approximately 15 minutes in.  When she fell off my lap and banged her head on the seat in front of us, I decided it was time to whisk her out into the hall until curtain call.  Thankfully, we made it safely behind closed doors before her wailing began. 

Allie did a great job...she has come such a long way since she started classes two years ago!  She knew both dances extremely well and seemed to have a fun time up on stage. 

We're still trying to decide whether or not this will be the end of Allie's dance career.  She seems a bit worn out (obviously....a HUGE case of summer break fever) and is just looking forward to a few months of a break from everything.  Although she always enjoys dance, she isn't sure it is something she wants to continue in the Fall.  So, for the time being, we'll table the discussion and revisit it later this summer.  If I'd have to guess, I think she is probably going to decide to go with swimming or piano lessons next Fall instead. 

Regardless, we're proud of you Allie!

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