Friday, June 21, 2013

First Summer Visit to Como

Since my sister and Drew were in town visiting this week, we decided it was about time for Drew to experience Como Zoo for the first time.  We got up bright and early on Wednesday morning in an effort to make it there before all the parking spots were taken...which was a good thing because I think everyone in the entire Twin Cities decided to go to Como Zoo on Wednesday morning. 

Here we are all ready to go:

We arrived earlier than my mom, sister, and nephew, so we decided to explore the grounds a bit before they met us at the zoo entrance.

Highlights of our day included seeing the sloth climb a tree (seriously, we have never EVER in the countless times we've visited Como ever seen the sloth blink, let alone move), experiencing the new gorilla exhibit, eating a picnic lunch, watching Sparky the seal perform his classic show, indulging in Icees and ice cream, riding the carousel (it was a first for Drew!), and checking to ensure the baby pineapple was still growing (Olivia had spotted it a month ago on our visit and was insistent upon viewing it again). 

Here we are waiting for the Sparky Show to begin

Still waiting....

And waiting some more....

Looking at the zebras

There's the pineapple!!

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