Sunday, June 2, 2013

Free Mini Golf, Pink Sunglasses, and Our Angry Birds Table

Since Ben has his first official golf outing of the season tomorrow, he needed to make a stop at the sporting goods store to pick up some sort of golf club today.  He gave me an intricate explanation as to exactly what he needed to purchase and why, but honestly, I'm still clueless.  I just don't speak Golf...or Football...or any type of ball sport, for that matter. 

Anyway, the kids were thrilled because this particular store has free mini golf.  So, while Ben did his shopping, the kids played mini golf. 

Unfortunately, all the fun came to an end when a couple of high school guys who were actually interested in purchasing a putter needed to use the mini golf course. 

After that, Ben miraculously chose a new club at lightening speed.

Then, we all tried out the sunglasses....Olivia was enamored with the pink ones, of course.

And just to add to the complete randomness of this post, I give you photos of our newly refurbished Angry Birds Table.  Basically, the $20 kids' table from Aldi's that the kids managed to trash and we somehow managed to save with an Angry Birds poster, plexi glass, and a few screws.  Actually, I think they like it better this way than when I first bought it over five years ago!

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