Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Our Robins

Last month we (well, at least the kids and I) were excited to discover a robin's nest being built between two lights on our garage.  The nest was visible from our kitchen window and we enjoyed watching momma and daddy robin busily building while we ate our breakfast. 

We've had nests built in the exact same place almost every single year, but because it is a high traffic area (we are always walking past to get to the garage...the garage door opening and closing...the kids playing in the backyard), the nests are almost always abandoned as quickly as they are built.

However, this time around, we noticed the momma and daddy bird sticking around...in fact, they were taking turns sitting on the nest.  I decided to climb up on a chair and take a peak inside where I discovered three blue eggs!  I then had to take turns lifting the kids up to see the eggs too. 

I was certain the birds would eventually abandon the eggs, but to our amazement, they always came back after being scared away by our day-to-day comings and goings.

It took about two weeks, but one day while the kids and I were eating lunch we noticed the momma bird making some funny pecking motions inside the nest.  I hurried outside to discover two little hatchlings and an egg that was just beginning to hatch!  How fun!  Of course, I had to lift the kids up again to peer inside the nest.  Later that day, I also held my phone up there to get a picture (mostly because Allie is getting far too heavy for me to hoist above my head!)

Day 1

Olivia's response upon seeing the baby robins:  "Those are NOT cute birds!"

I had grand ambitions of photographing the birds daily so we could see how quickly they changed, but rainy weather and life busy-ness got in the way.  Also, I felt kind of guilty every time I pulled the chair near the nest to stand on so I could take a peak.  The mama robin would always fly away, but then she would just stand there in the driveway or on top of our neighbor's house where I swear she was giving me the evil eye and was ready at any sign of danger to swoop in and peck at my head! 

Thankfully, we could still see the nest from our kitchen window and every meal time we enjoyed watching the momma and daddy bring meals for their babies too.  I thought newborn human babies needed to eat frequently, but seriously, all that momma and daddy robin did was find worms to give to those baby robins.  They literally ate all. day. long. 

It was especially fun once the baby robins got big enough for the kids to see their heads peaking out of the nest from our kitchen window.  Meal times were more fun too because there was definitely some fighting going on between those three as mom or dad brought food.

Anyway, here are some pictures I captured of the nest over the past two weeks before the first baby left the nest this past Sunday.  We saw the other two baby birds for the final time on Monday morning and by the time we arrived home later in the day, the nest was empty. 

Day 3

Day 5

Day 7

Day 11

Day 13 - Morning

Day 13 - Evening
On Sunday evening, I noticed only two beaks peaking out of the nest and I heard some fluttering and funny bird sounds coming from the back part of the yard.  This baby bird was definitely trying to fly, but he could only make it as high as our fence (and not over it).  He ended up hopping away from me and hiding in our hostas. 

It is a little sad to see the nest empty now.  Allie swears she saw the momma and her three babies hopping around our neighbor's yard this morning, but when she tried to get a closer look, she claims they flew away.  I sure hope so.  I'd hate to think that Fluffy (the endearing name we've chosen to give our neighborhood stray cat) nabbed one of them for dinner.  

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