Thursday, June 6, 2013

School's Out!

Today is Allie's last day of first grade...meaning that by 4:00 pm this afternoon all the kids will be free of school for the summer! 

Allie has definitely been looking forward to the last day of school for the past few weeks.  She's been telling me how she can't wait to sleep in and not have to get ready to go to school every morning.  She's been looking forward to swimming, bike rides, daily popsicles, and playing outside all afternoon long. 

However, I also know, that deep down inside, Allie really loves school.   This past year she has made so many new and close friendships, she has taken off with reading, and she has continued to grow in her passion for art.  I really couldn't have picked a better teacher or a better class for Allie this year. 

So, when she came home yesterday in tears, her backpack full of all of the items that had taken up residence in her desk throughout the year, I wasn't that surprised.  As she was lamenting over the impending end of what has been an exceptional first grade experience, I listened sympathetically. 

She will never sit at her first grade desk again, have Ms. Cyr to greet her each morning, or giggle with the classmates she has come to know so well.  The tears really began to flow as she relayed to me that her very favorite art teacher won't be there at all next year because she is changing schools and she has never ever had a better art teacher! 

I gave her a hug and told her I knew exactly how she was feeling.....

Change is hard.   Letting go is hard.  Growing up is hard.

And sometimes it can be even more difficult when it is time to move on from an experience that has brought you so much growth and joy. 

When I told her that she should just enjoy her last day and remember that so many great things are waiting for her in second grade, she looked at me doubtfully and unenthusiastically responded, "I guess."

She spent the remainder of last night writing notes to every single member of her class, her teacher included, telling them how much she enjoyed their friendship and will miss them this summer.

As she stuffed all 20-some notes into her backpack this morning, I prayed that God would continue to guide her through her grade school days, that He would give her the exact experiences she needs to grow and learn, that she would have peace about the end of the year and all the upcoming changes, and that He would give her a truly awesome last day of first grade (apparently, she mentioned something about an all day party)!

First Day of First Grade
Last Day of First Grade

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