Friday, July 5, 2013

Catch Up

Since returning from vacation I haven't had a chance to update or post any pictures.  I kind of still feel like I'm on vacation mode, but I'll do my best over the weekend to get caught up....which may prove a little difficult seeing as we are adding a new furry member to our family tomorrow. 

No, we weren't necessarily planning to get a puppy this summer.  But, then we met Fred (my parent's new puppy)...and seriously, how can you say "no" to this:

Well, I guess we could have said no, but after finding out more about his particular breed, a Coton de Tulear, we just knew he would fit perfectly into our family.  We've always wanted to get a family dog someday, we just didn't know that someday would be tomorrow! 

Anyway, we are all excited to pick up Fred's brother, whom we have already named Finn, tomorrow morning and I'm sure I'll have a lot more pictures and stories to tell about raising a new between making sure he doesn't chew up all our shoes and pee all over the house.  Fun times await!

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