Tuesday, July 30, 2013

July in a Nutshell

Besides taking care of Finn this past month, we've also had fun doing our typical summer things:

A few lazy days at home lounging around in our pjs until far too late watching cartoons. 

Riding our bikes to play at the park down the street. 

Swimming at the YMCA where the kids are also taking lessons once a week. 

Hanging out in the backyard all afternoon and enjoying popsicles for snacks.

Trips to the local library followed by the occasional stop at Cherry Berry.

Soaking each other with water guns on the hottest days of the year.

Summer Day Camp at Church.

Friends over for play dates.

Harvesting our backyard crop of raspberries.

Creating lots of yummy goodies out of the raspberries that actually made it from the backyard to the kitchen (a large number of them get eaten right off the bush!)

Afternoon naps.

Hot Dogs and Smores over the backyard campfire.

A trip to the movie theater to see Despicable Me 2 with Daddy.

A few pedicures for Mommy.

A road trip to Wisconsin for the yearly Dzioba family reunion.

At a park in Lodi before the reunion.

Despite the calendar saying it was July, it felt more like September!

Sportin' the shirts Grandma and Grandpa Dzioba brought back from Hawaii.

As July is coming to an end and August is right around the corner, it is probably about time I go through the kids' backpacks from last school year and begin to assess what we need to stock up on for this year.  I reluctantly dug out the school supply lists last night and need to begin filling out Olivia's preschool forms for Fall.  While I've started mentally taking account of who needs new jeans and sneakers, the calendar has been adjusted to show the impending "First Day of School."

Even though Fall is right around the corner, we're going to do our best to enjoy the last glorious weeks of summer break!

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