Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Meet Finn

Wow.  July is over.  Just like that! 

Where, oh where, is the summer going?!  I know it's about this time in the summer that many parents become increasingly excited for the school year to begin, mostly due to kids' boredom and running out of things to do, but I feel just the opposite!  I can't believe we only have about four weeks' time left!

I've decided my feelings are mostly due to the fact that our time has been vastly spent this past month acclimating Finn into our household.

On our way home from picking Finn up at the breeder's home about 2 hours away from the Cities
We knew having a puppy wouldn't be easy, but it has definitely been a lot harder than either Ben or I anticipated.  I think there were probably a few times we questioned whether we had made the right decision in bringing Finn home, especially as we lay in bed at 2:47 am listening to him whine in his crate for hours on end, when he decided to sneak into our room to take a dump after he had just been given ample opportunity outside, or the time I trusted the kids to watch him outside for less than five minutes while I ran in the house and returned to find his fluffy white hair covered in mud.  While I'm not able to compare the difficulty of caring for a puppy to the care of a baby (3-4 nights of no sleep barely seems like a blip on the radar compared to months upon months of no sleep with a newborn), it has definitely been trying at times.

But, then we see the kids' joy in playing with him or helping care for him (Zach, for some strange reason, is incredibly excited about being on poop-scoop duty, Allie handles him so well and is always willing to take him outside, and Olivia loves to feed him treats) and we know that we are making memories as a family that will last forever. 

Even though he's only been with us for a little over three weeks, Finn has officially become part of the family.  So much so, that when we left him overnight to attend a family reunion, he was so upset he literally made himself sick!  A long first night back at home and a vet visit later, he's back on the mend.

And just in case you haven't seen enough puppy cuteness, I bring you the brothers' reunion:  Finn and Fred together again at last.  Both pups had a great week while Allie was at our church's day camp and the rest of us crashed my parents' house during the day. 

We still have lots of learning to do regarding puppy training, but thankfully our puppy kindergarten class has been helping us out as we teach him basic commands.  The kids are also gaining more and more confidence each day in handling him as Finn continues to learn (and oftentimes test) the boundaries around here.  Thankfully we have all of August to continue working with him until the Fall routine sets in and everything changes.  I'm pretty much anticipating he will miss the noisy house as the kids go back to school...but, who knows, maybe by then he'll enjoy a little peace and quiet!

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