Friday, July 5, 2013

Miocqua Vacation 2013: Part 1

This year marked our eighth week-long summer vacation to Minocqua, Wisconsin and as always, we had a great week! 

We enjoyed many of our classic favorite Minocqua sites and destinations throughout the week. 

Dinner at The Thirsty Whale:


Shopping in Downtown Minocqua (where I snagged a handcrafted dragonfly coffee mug to remind me of the two times I got smacked in the face with a dragon fly while cruising on my dad's boat):


The Beacon's Swimming Pool:

Lake Minocqua:

Lake Tomahawk:
The Lumberjack Breakfast at Paul Bunyan's Cook Shanty:

Even though rain threatened to ruin our last few days, it cleared up in enough time for us to enjoy Friday night's ski show:

We also took in a few newer sights this year as well.  Because of the impending rain one afternoon, we decided to hop into the truck and drive north a short distance to Boulder Junction.  We ended up dodging the rain and enjoyed a sunny afternoon complete with ice cream cones!
Olivia fell asleep in the truck and remained asleep almost the whole time while Ben carried her.  Luckily, she did awake in enough time to enjoy her ice cream cone!

On the way back to Minocqua that same day, we finally made the stop to behold the world's largest penny in Woodruff:

Basically, we just had a fun and relaxing (at times) week being together as a family!


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