Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Como Town

Last week I took the kids to Como Town for our annual summer carnival ride extravaganza.  I was able to secure a great deal on Groupon for unlimited ride wristbands so the kids rode rides to their hearts' content almost the entire day long. 

This was the first year that Olivia was tall enough to do all of the rides without an adult chaperone.  Also, Allie was finally tall enough this year to tackle the bigger rides (like the roller coaster, bumper cars, and zip line) without an adult chaperone.  Both girls loved the ability to ride without their momma....and honestly, I was totally okay with that.  We did manage to do the swings and the Tilt-a-Whirl together so I didn't feel too left out. 

I packed a picnic lunch for us to enjoy and when the sun got too hot we played in the splash pad and indulged in strawberry smoothies.  After the kids were sufficiently soaked and ready to dry off, we redeemed our coupon for free glitter tattoos before seeing parts of the zoo and gardens. 

Since it was getting later in the day, we only saw a few of the animals:  the gorillas and monkeys in the new gorilla house, the giraffes, and flamingos.  The kids also said they absolutely could not leave without seeing the bonsai trees and the Japanese garden.  We made the trek across the grounds and saw both before heading out for the day. 

While Olivia fell asleep in her car seat before we even left the parking lot, Allie and Zach were too wired from the events of the day for sleep.  After a somewhat rowdy ride home, we snagged a pizza for dinner and enjoyed telling Ben all about our fun day and anticipating our return next summer! 

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