Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I'm Back!

Well, since it is nearing the end of August and I have barely logged onto my computer all month, it appears I have taken an unintentional vacation from blogging.  Summer is all about embracing the beautiful weather and free schedule, right?

We've been doing exactly that.  Lots of bike rides.  Long evening walks with Finn while stopping at the park for the kids to play.  Afternoons running around the backyard.  Way too many skipped naps for Olivia.  Weekday movie nights complete with popcorn (right now we're enjoying "Epic").  Park dates and beach dates with friends. 

Granted we've spent one too many afternoons at the vet trying to determine the cause of Finn's month long intestinal battle....

Don't the kids look absolutely thrilled to be at the vet again?!

Thankfully, it seems we are pretty much back to normal, but it is probably a good thing I was unaware of this ordeal prior to taking Finn home because I'm fairly certain I wouldn't have been nearly as excited to welcome him into our family.  I think Finn is also happy to be back to normal...mostly because he's really sick of taking so many baths (a white dog and intestinal distress is so NOT a good combo).

While trying to enjoy these last few weeks of summer as much as possible, we have also been getting ready for the school year.  Which meant that I actually had to go through the kids' backpacks.  Yep, that's right...on the last day of school I had the kids throw their backpacks in our office and we didn't get around to going through them until two months later!  It was kind of fun to sort through old school work, especially when I came upon Allie's school journal and turned to this page:

Then I ventured into her bedroom and we spent some quality mother-daughter time cleaning and organizing and purging.  Every time I thought I just might lose my cool, I just remembered her journal entry and patiently reassured her that some day she will be thankful she had a mother that did not allow her to keep every single piece of paper that came into her ownership. 

I was sort of on a roll with the whole organizing and purging...so I enlisted Ben's help and we tackled the basement storage area, play area, Zach's room, and Olivia's room.  After several trips to the garbage can and three Goodwill runs, I think every member of my family wanted to temporarily kick me out. 

But, after the grand summer purge of 2013, I felt much better about knowing exactly what we needed for the upcoming school year.  We tackled the school supply lists and I was able to replace the too-small winter clothes after hitting up a few good sales.  My mom came to stay with us for a couple nights and she accompanied me on a few shopping trips to secure shoes and winter coats.  We also took the kids for their back-to-school hair cuts:

After her haircut, Olivia very enthusiastically inquired, "HEY?!  WHERE'S MY PINK SPRAY?!"  Not wanting to disappoint, the stylist whipped out some pink spray and made Olivia's day. 

Allie jumped on the colored-spray bandwagon with purple spray.

And when Zach realized they had boy colors too, he made sure to request green. 
Thanks to my mom, Ben and I also snuck out for a date night dinner at PF Changs.  Although the kids were a little disappointed to not be coming along (apparently they were more bummed about missing out on chopsticks than the actual food), the amazing cupcakes we brought home seemed to make up for leaving them behind. 

I'm already a bit sad that summer break is so close to ending.  I'll miss all those impromptu park trips:

And smuggling in candy and juice boxes for afternoons at the movie theater:

Our days of lounging pool side are numbered:

Here's hoping that we have a warm Fall so we can fit in as much outside fun as possible until the snow begins to fly!  I'm just not ready for summer to be quite yet!

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