Sunday, August 25, 2013

MN State Fair 2013

Of the 11 summers we have been residents of Minnesota we have attended the MN State Fair all but 1 year (8 months preggo with 90-degree temps and an 18-month old in tow just didn't seem like an enjoyable combination for Fair fun).  We look forward to the Great Minnesota Get-Together all summer long and it has become our traditional last "hurrah" of summer before school and Fall is upon us. 

This past Friday, as in all 9 years before, we made sure to catch the bus bright and early to ensure a full day of Fair fun. 

First stop, as always, was the giant slide followed by breakfast!

This was the first year for Olivia to ride the Giant Slide (with Ben) and she LOVED it.  Zach went all by himself for the very first time and although I was pretty sure he appeared quite terrified the entire time down, he proclaimed he loved it as well! 
Ben's Fair breakfast of choice...and no, we did not eat all of those cookies in one sitting.  But, yes, by the following day the bucket was completely empty. 

By 9:00 am, Zach declared his stomach was upset.  It only took 10 cookies, 4 mini donuts, and a dish of ice cream. 

My very favorite food at the Fair. 

We always make sure to hit the prime kid spots while the crowds are low early in the morning.  That meant we made stops at the Kids' Farm, Home Depot project booth, and the Lego booth right away. 

Along the way, me managed to acquire quite a vast collection of interesting food and animal themed head wear.

After wandering through the pet building and 4-H buildings, we decided it was high time for some lunch.  Corn and Pronto Pups to go around!

We spent the rest of the day wandering through the animal barns, watching the afternoon parade, snacking on popcorn and cotton candy and funnel cake fries, picking out our yearly Christmas ornament, and riding the sky ride. 

 By the end of the day, we could barely put one foot in front of the other....

One of us didn't really make it at all.....

We spent the ride home recalling all the fun of the day and already looking forward to next year.  Then, once we arrived home, with the sugar-high officially worn off, we all crashed for the night.  Definitely another successful year at the Fair! 

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