Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Summer Swim Lessons

For the past two months, every Friday morning Zach and Allie have been attending swim lessons at the YMCA.  They've each done amazing in their classes and have enjoyed every minute in the water (so much so....they will be starting another session in few weeks). 

Last Friday was their very last class of the summer. 
Zach Passed! 

Although Allie did not pass, her teacher did advance her up two levels on the second week of class.  So apparently, I grossly underestimated her swimming abilities!  He said he feels confident she'll pass next session. 

Zach passing his swim lessons was reason for celebration!  He has been working since April to pass his class...and not only did he pass, but he also acquired his pink wristband which allows him to go down the waterslides!  He picked out brownies and root beer floats to share. 

We took the kids on Sunday to swim at the YMCA and Zach was thrilled to be able to go down the waterslides.  All of his hard work definitely paid off!  Way to go Zach!

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Soccerbelle said...

Love Zach's hair in the first picture. Brought back memories of my kids.