Tuesday, September 3, 2013

First Day of School

Everyone was up bright and early this morning in eager anticipation of the first day of school.  In between corralling two dogs, reminding everyone to brush their teeth, and packing lunches, I couldn't help but already feel a bit nostalgic over our recent lazy summer mornings that are now as good as ancient history. 

Before I had even managed to snag my morning coffee, the kids requested chocolate chip pancakes for breakfast.  Honestly, I have never been happier to find an Eggo pancake box nestled in the back of our freezer.  The microwaveable pancake definitely saved the morning (and my sanity)!

I pre-warned the kids last night that I was going to take a ton of pictures of them on their first day and promised them that pretty much every other parent in the entire world does the same thing on their kids' first days of school too...so I actually wasn't met with too much opposition when I brought out the camera.

Allie's first day of 2nd Grade

Zach's first day of Kindergarten

When I asked them to pose for a picture together, this is initially what I got....

I finally intervened and made them do a boring picture....

Then, Olivia was feeling a bit left out (her first day of preschool is next week), so we did one more picture to include her....

When we arrived at school, I quickly realized I should have gotten there earlier to secure a closer parking spot.  The place was crazy today!  After our two-block walk and navigation through the crowds of eager kids and parents, we made it into the building and headed for Zach's classroom first.

He was so excited and he literally could not stop smiling!  A few of his classmates were a little teary eyed, but definitely NOT Zach.  In fact, when I walked by his classroom on the way out of the school and gave him a good-bye wave, I'm fairly certain his wave back included a little motion for me to leave quickly!

I think Allie was a little more nervous about her first day...mostly because she was apprehensive about the teacher and didn't know a lot of the kids in her class.  However, she was still very excited to see her friends from last year and has been anticipating all of the social aspects of school (like recess and lunch).

After the morning school drop off, Olivia and I headed to the grocery store where I allowed her to actually walk through the store instead of sitting in the cart.  She was thrilled with the freedom and even helped me pick out the fresh fruits and veggies. 

By the time I got home, took the dogs out, put the groceries away, and had a quick snack, it was time to leave to pick Zach up at school. 

Upon picking Zach up, he came running out of the school, practically yelling, "MOM!  I LOVE KINDERGARTEN!  I LOVE IT!"

I was at first a little suspect...because, you see, Zach is my realist...nothing ever, EVER is without a down side for him.  So, as we walked hand-in-hand to the car, I reveled in his elation, all the while thinking that somehow they must have switched out my Zach for his identical optimistic twin. 

Then, the car door slammed, the seat belt clicked, and on the way home I received a 15-minute oration (complete with ample hand gestures for dramatic emphasis) that only my Zach could give.  Paraphrased to the best of my recollection, it went a little something like this:

Mom?  Mom?  MOM?!  I am so thirsty I think I might die.  I mean, I was so thirsty in class that I SERIOUSLY thought I was going to throw up.  If I would have pushed on my belly at the end of the day I would have thrown up.  Because....Because.  Because apparently....we can't drink water.  My teacher won't let us drink water and it is really horrible because we NEED water.  Mom, I have to HAVE WATER.  And, lots of kids asked her if they could go get a drink of water and she just kept saying, "No, not now...No, not now...No, not now"  She seriously never let anyone have a drink of water.  And I didn't ask her for a drink because I knew she was just going to say no.  And I really like my teacher, but I don't like that she won't let us have water.  And, you know why?  Because apparently they won't let us go anywhere in the school!!  We have to stay in the room the WHOLE time unless we need to go to the bathroom or go to specialist, but NOT to get a drink of water.  And there's no water fountain in my room.  And at the end of the day when she told us class was over, I really wanted to tell her that I was so thirsty I was going to puke, but I held it in because I knew she wouldn't want to hear me complain about being thirsty and that she would just tell me, "No, not now...No, not now."

After we got home, the boy downed 3 glasses of water and I promised him he could take a water bottle to school tomorrow.  Thankfully, the experience did not scar him for life and he can't wait to go back to school tomorrow. 

Allie didn't seem to have any complaints about her first day.  She was ecstatic to make a brand new friend that sits across the aisle from her.  Plus, she had two recesses today....and a two recess day is always a great day in Allie's world.  According to her, all the rule stuff was boring and she's just excited to be able to check out as many books as she wants to from the library this year.  She's also eager to go back tomorrow and wanted to make sure to inform me that I don't need to walk her to her class (I can walk Zach, but not her, she doesn't need me to). 

So, all in all, the first day of school was a success!  Hopefully the rest of the year will follow suit!     

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